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Tips to finding your career path in a world of choice

What the ups and downs of the last two years should have taught us is that we are all Global Citizens, and that the need to be bound to any one fixed building in order to get a good qualification and build a thriving career is no longer as relevant.
Kay Cheytanov, 3RC Founder and CEO
Kay Cheytanov, 3RC Founder and CEO

In the last two years alone, we have seen a big shift towards online learning and the adaptability of students and learners to this environment. This has shown that in the face of necessity, South Africa has the means to take the next step in education – towards virtual exploration.

There has been an explosion of diverse and traditional educational opportunities for students to explore online. Simply, the world of education has all but burst wide open for students, exposing them to an ever-increasing array of tertiary institutions and qualifications.

As exciting as this sounds, students have found themselves submerged in greater uncertainty than before. After all, with a wealth of possibilities suddenly made available, deciding what to study can be an even more daunting process – and narrowing down your qualification options, even more so.

What to study, where to study, how to study and why?

These are just some of the questions being asked by education seekers across the world. Ultimately, learners want to know how to find the right qualification. Here are 5 tips to help you find your career path:

  1. Start early: Don’t wait until grade 11 to research, visit open days, do holiday internships, talk to people from different industries, and find out if it really is what you think it is.
  2. Test your wants & desires: Use the revolutionary virtual platform, Swiwel, to take advantage of Yenza. Yenza helps students find industry and career options best suited to them through a series of short and varied assessments that unlock their skills, dreams, likes and dislikes to reveal where they will be happy and content in their careers.
  3. Follow your heart: What happens when you don’t do your own digging is that you could end up following friends who did their homework, or simply heed the advice of teachers and parents.
  4. Dare to be different: With more international qualifications available and more private tertiary institutions playing a more prominent role in South Africa’s education industry, you can pursue qualifications that we hadn’t previously seen in South Africa. Excitingly, this means that you can pursue qualifications for careers that weren’t previously available – like social media management, cyber security, drone piloting, cannabis production, and of course, 4IR (fourth industrial revolution) careers. The fact is that while we will always need business, law, accounting, medicine, and other traditional careers, the way in which these professions are evolving as a result of the 4IR, means that students need access to qualifications that reflects these trends.

Your secret weapon

Not sure where to start or what you want to study? Your first port of call is visiting and registering yourself. Swiwel is a ground breaking 3D career platform and your secret weapon.

Launched by 3RC in 2022, this virtual platform relies on world class technology and is available across all devices, allowing you to engage with various South African private tertiary institutions, some international placement agencies so that you can peruse over 150 qualifications.

To get started, visit Swiwel and find one of the Yenza stands available. As a trusted partner, Yenza provides career guidance that will help you navigate the platform and engage with exhibitors relevant to your dreams and hopes for your future.

Ultimately, if you don’t take your future seriously, do a bit of soul searching, and explore your options, you could very well end up wasting money and time by studying something that is totally wrong for you.

Now is truly the time to follow your heart!

6 May 2022 13:30


About Kay Cheytanov

Kay Cheytanov is CEO and Founder at 3RC