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We're Business Partners Limited, one of the leading business financiers for viable small and medium enterprises (SMEs) in the world. We provide business finance ranging from R500 000 to R50 million to established entrepreneurs with a viable formal business.
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Small business solution to sustainable growth and development in Africa
Several economic analysts and financial sector experts have identified Africa as the next frontier for growth and development. Currently, the continent has the youngest population in the world, with a median age of 18.8 years as of 2022. This, coupled with the fact that several of its markets are nearing maturity, signifies a golden opportunity for businesses to take the lead in stimulating economic growth. Powered by this momentum, African small businesses are the key to provide solutions to address some of the continent's most pressing challenges. 2 Jun 2023 Read more

Deeds office delays got you down? Here's how to expedite your business property registration
Lockdown restrictions and periodic office closures during the pandemic hampered the administrative capabilities of several key governmental departments, including the Deeds Office. Just as we were experiencing some improvements, the advent of Stage 6 load shedding has resulted in another backlog in the processing of property registrations, many of which involve commercial properties. With some careful planning and preparation, however, business owners can play a proactive role in expediting the process. 1 Jun 2023 Read more

Climate change: What risk does it pose to SA small businesses?
Countries all over the world are witnessing the measurable realities of climate change in the form of increased water scarcity, changing rainfall patterns, extreme droughts and intensified natural disasters such as floods. Great emphasis has been placed on the role of governments, policymakers and leaders of big business in driving the sustainability agenda. But there is much that can be done at a grassroots level, starting with small businesses as the building blocks of socioeconomic development. 31 May 2023 Read more

The impact that load shedding is having on small businesses and their employees
The cost of load shedding in South Africa has exceeded an estimated R1.2tn - notwithstanding the losses accumulated during the current financial year. Some of this financial impact has been shouldered by the thousands of small businesses which are the backbone of the economy. The real cost of load shedding, however, goes beyond just rands and cents - the energy crisis continues to have a profoundly negative impact on the overall morale and productivity levels of the country's employees. 30 May 2023 Read more

Why South Africa needs more small businesses
While small businesses may very well be the unsung heroes of the South African economy, their contribution to national development is unmistakable. Creating an enabling environment for entrepreneurship is therefore not only good for business but it is also necessary to build a more equitable and prosperous economy. 8 May 2023 Read more

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