Tech trends that are part of our daily lives
Technology will continue its relentless evolution
First-for-Africa platform will advance gene research
Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus
New realities beyond traditional IT that embrace Industry 4.0
#GartnerSYM: The culture of enterprise and people
#GartnerSYM: The next phase of digital transformation
Can Ramaphosa breathe new life into SA's digital economy?
Never Ncube is the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Dandemutande.
How do cloud priorities differ in African markets?
Brett St Clair
12 top young African tech leaders of tomorrow
Photo by Max Boettinger on
Kenya's mSurvey expands into Nigeria
Africa Tech Summit kicks off in Kigali
By Arthur Buliva (Own work) , via Wikimedia Commons
AfricArena tech innovation conference kicks off next month
How will you speed through the digital trough of disillusionment?
Pieter Bensch, executive vice president for Africa and Middle East, Sage.

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