Why tackling deforestation is so important for slowing climate change
Uganda helps farmers grow trees for money in bid to reverse forest loss
Chocolate fix: How the cocoa industry could end deforestation in West Africa
Luxury fashion label Chanel invests $25m in new climate adaptation fund
Greening the planet: We can't just plant trees, we have to restore forests
African rainforests slow climate change despite record heat, drought
Image: FAO/G.Tortoli
'Sacred forests' in West Africa capture carbon and keep soil healthy
FAO, AFD project to boost sustainable wildlife management, food security in southern Africa
New mangrove forest mapping tool puts conservation in reach of coastal communities
Demand for meat is driving deforestation in Brazil - changing the soy industry could stop it
Food and clean water start with soil biodiversity: Learning more about it is urgent
Bizcommunity and NSP Consultants congratulate BizListing winners!
Global forest sector: Providing solutions for pandemic recovery
Key insights into land degradation from seven African countries
A palm oil plantation in Malaysia. (Shutterstock)
Are young trees or old forests more important for slowing climate change?
Destroying Nigeria's riverside forests is bad for the freshwater ecosystem
Revolutionise food production system or face mass deforestation, scientists warn
Management of intact forestlands by indigenous peoples key to protecting climate

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