Portable Oxygen Concentrator

Buy Portable Oxygen Concentrator in Johannesburg, South Africa at affordable cheap prices. Get the fresh oxygen with the oxygen concentrator, which carries oxygen in its cylinder. O2 concentrator is in small size and can carry where you want to. Contact us now for more information and details.

Type of company: E commerce - online shoppiing
Primary business: Oxygen Concentrator Machine for Fresh Oxygen
Services: Portable Oxygen Concentrators, home oxygen concentrator, o2 concentrator, AIC Consulting, AIC Consulting
Employees: 10
BBBEE Level: 5
Tel:081 770 3165
Web address:https://oxconcentrator.co.za/
Physical address: Johannesburg, Johannesburg, Johannesburg, Gauteng, 2008
Postal address: Capetown, Gauteng, 2008
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