Hitchcock Michalski
We build DISTINCTIVE BRANDS. Our client focussed intuition and our design curiosity are very powerful internal compasses to help us connect with our IKIGAI (Japanese philosophy, what you are good at, what you love doing), our reason for being, purpose.


WE BUILD DISTINCTIVE BRANDS. Customer centric, personalised, omnichannel and data driven. 

Our reason for being/our purpose.

What we love - to make a difference through our business, to coach, to empower and to enable. 

What we are good at - creating brands that stand out through distinctive design and communication. 

What we can be paid for - consumer led strategy, brand design and communication in every physical or digital interaction.

What the world needs - meaningful brand actions that build authentic, genuine relationships with audiences and stakeholders. 

Distinctiveness is a brand looking like itself. Your brand can begin to craft a story around who you are, making sure this story resonates and lingers with your consumers. Hence the need to understand your consumer. Understanding what the pain points are in your customer's lives and telling them how you can make a difference is key. 

 If you're interested in discussing a project,a collaboration or just want to say hello, get in touch, [fiona@hitchcockmichalski.com]

See some snippets of our work, below: For more detail, go to [www.hitchcockmichalski.com]

ProvidusBank Corporate IdentityProvidusBank Collateral Design







ProvidusBank Coffee Table Book

ProvidusBank Coffee Table Book

















Website Design

DRA Style Guide









Diamond Bank Privilage

Diamond Bank Privilage Bank Card Design























Type of company: Brand Design Agency
Primary business: Brand Strat, Identity, Collateral, Signage design
Employees: 8


Physical address: 24A 8th Avenue, Melville, JHB, Gauteng, 2092

Postal address: Postnet Suite 909, P Bag X153, Bryanston, JHB, Gauteng, 2021

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