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Green roofs, like this one in Sao Paulo, Brazil, have many benefits. Leonardo Ikeda/Shutterstock
3 steps towards 'glass boxing' your company with a Biz Press Office
High-level panel at UN-Habitat Assembly focuses on creating innovative, inclusive cities
UK-Kenya to collaborate on affordable housing, sustainable infrastructure
$250m World Bank loan to boost access to affordable housing in Kenya
Kenya property sector set to boom in 2019
Radical new housing deal proposed to break apartheid barriers
Lesotho Rise in the City design competition winner announced
Architect, Tshepo Mokholo.
New report: Global affordable housing gap has reached roughly $740bn
ShelterTech Accelerator programme makes its debut in Africa
Land reform an economic necessity, says Ramaphosa
Habitat for Humanity addresses Africa's unique housing challenges at local leadership conference
Bizcommunity Recruitment in Africa Focus
L-R: Christian Agossa, director general of the mortgage refinance institution, UEMOA, and Stefan Nallemtaby, director of the financial sector development department, African Development Bank
Slum neighbourhood in Accra, Ghana. Image source:
Affordable housing solutions in pipes, containers and 3D printers
Housing microfinance can be win-win for poor people and financial institutions
Filmmaker Michael Uwemedimo, one of the keynote speakers at the African Centre for Cities International Urban Conference, spoke about the violent ‘clearing’ of almost two million people and their waterfront houses in Port Harcourt, Nigeria to make way for development. Photo: Andy Mkosi
Nigeria's media urged to understand New Urban Agenda
(Source: Derou & Partners)
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