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Infrastructure Africa 2018 looks to unlock opportunities in African build projects

The seventh annual Infrastructure Africa Business Forum is set for 9-10 October at the Sandton Convention Centre in Johannesburg, South Africa. The two-day event and exhibition aims to facilitate business connections for Africa's build programmes and seeks to unlock private sector opportunities in infrastructure projects.
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Investment in infrastructure accounts for over half of the recent improvement in economic growth in Africa and has the potential to achieve even more. The continent needs $95bn per annum for the next 10 years to meet its infrastructure demands. The demand for infrastructure is driven by rising populations and rapid urbanisation and is causing a shift for all players in the sector.

Internationally, the outlook is extremely positive between now and 2020, signalling new business opportunities for the continent’s infrastructure players.

Some of the key issues to be highlighted included in this year’s programme include:
  • Africa’s path to growth - How infrastructure development will drive economic growth in Africa
  • In conversation with infrastructure CEOs - the leadership view of the African infrastructure business opportunity
  • North South Rail Corridor update
  • Lessons learnt: Understanding African infrastructure development - the successes and the challenges
  • Attracting infrastructure funding - Accessing capital and securing finance to develop projects
  • Unlocking Africa’s industrial corridors and the role of state owned companies / enterprises
  • Infrastructure partnerships – How PPPs are assisting to develop African infrastructure and attracting private sector investment
  • Improving project bankability is key to bridging Africa’s infrastructure gap - project preparation and due diligence
  • Digitisation in Africa: What technologies are driving the digital revolution
  • Transforming Africa - Africa’s transport and logistics infrastructure - the prospective business opportunity
  • The role of DFIs in developing Africa’s infrastructure?
  • Project identification from an investment led approach to Africa: Kenya

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