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    Toyota and DSTV venture into brave new territory

    You're sitting on your sofa watching the advert for the new Toyota Corolla Verso. The advert then prompts you to go to another channel for more information and a chance to win... Interactive television is a whole new journey for advertisers.

    Toyota reports "incredible" results in marketing its new Corolla Verso directly to its target audience on DStv through interactive advertising. More than 14% of the entire DStv subscriber base accessed Toyota's interactive advertisement between 22 May and 12 June, spending an average time of just over nine minutes browsing the interactive ad. The service included a competition, which drew 32 377 SMS entries from 22 533 unique users.

    The Corolla Verso's interactive advertising tool combined a video infomercial on the new vehicle with interactive on-screen information. Subscribers could navigate through detailed information on the vehicle's performance, features, models and pricing options simply by using their DStv remote control.

    Richard Fyffe, MultiChoice's head of iTV, believes that Interactive Advertising could redefine the entire electronic advertising medium by allowing advertisers to interact directly with their target audiences. The feature gives advertisers a way to seamlessly extend their classic air time campaigns by providing entertainment as viewers access relevant information.

    iTV uses DStv's digital satellite platform to add new services to the viewing experience. It increases the viewer's range of choice of entertainment, information and services available over the television, offering greater convenience and choice.

    Measurability is a key advantage of the new medium, as is the ability to run interactive competitions using the mobile platform.

    "We give advertisers the chance to combine the power of television, with its ability to convey compelling and emotive messages, with brand building and direct marketing capabilities. For the first time, advertisers can use their television commercials as acquisition tools to generate sales leads and build relationships with customers," said Fyffe. "The power of this medium lies in giving DStv subscribers choice and control."

    Francois Loubser, Toyota SA vice president marketing communications, believes the interactive service has been a strong complement to their traditional on-air advertising. "Interactive television leverages our existing TV campaign assets to provide an informative new advertising experience for consumers."

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