Sesame oil market continues to see positive growth globally

The global sesame oil market reached 1,917k tonnes in 2016, expanding strongly over the last four years...

13 Sep 2018

Nespresso's plans to boost coffee production in Zimbabwe

Zimbabwe is set to be the next country of origin for Nespresso's popular range of coffees. The unit of Nestle SA expects to start selling limited-edition Zimbabwe coffee capsules to global consumers in 2019.

10 Sep 2018

Is 'chocapocalypse' looming? Why we need to understand what's at stake

No more chocolate by 2050? Several articles have pointed recently that we are heading to a major chocolate crisis...

By Jovana Stanisljevic 4 Sep 2018

Kenya's 'fruitless years' in South Africa come to an end with avocados re-entering the market

The return of avocados from Kenya to the South African market will be a significant period for both subsistence and commercial farmers in the country...

17 Aug 2018

Increased global consumption of poppy seed

According to the report, World: Poppy Seed - Market Report: Analysis and Forecast to 2025, recently published by IndexBox, the global poppy seed market was estimated at 111,000 tonnes in 2016, which was 6% more than in the previous year...

14 Aug 2018

South Africa and Zambia's maize supplies are in good shape

The United States Department of Agriculture has just released its World Agricultural Supply and Demand Estimates report, which covers most major grains and oilseeds estimates for the 2018/19 production season...

By Wandile Sihlobo 13 Aug 2018

Tapioca starch market to exceed revenue by 2028

High in carbohydrates, and devoid of gluten, grain and nut, tapioca starch has witnessed application in the prevention of food allergies, gluten sensitivity and celiac disease...

8 Aug 2018

Farming innovations changing the South African agricultural landscape

As South Africa establishes itself ever more securely in the modern world, so South African farmers must adapt to a set of new challenges...

By Bruce Hakutizwi 8 Aug 2018

Is East African agriculture at risk of playing second fiddle to oil wealth?

The World Bank economist was in Uganda and spoke to Charles Mpagi on the prospects for the sector in the face of oil discoveries in Uganda, Kenya and South Sudan...

6 Aug 2018

Agriculture commodity price on exports drop significantly

Food and Agriculture Organisation's latest food price index shows that export prices for cereals, dairy, sugar, meat and vegetable oils have all declined...

2 Aug 2018

Macadamia crop to double globally over next 4 years

Growing from a relatively small base, the challenge has been to garner enough industry muscle to bring to the fore what makes macadamias so special...

31 Jul 2018

African governments must effectively implement trade agreements

"Why do African countries consume what they don't produce, and produce what they don't consume."

By Mmatlou Kalab and Wandile Sihlobo 30 Jul 2018

Maize crop estimates remain unchanged

The area planted estimate and sixth production forecast of summer crops for the 2018 production season was recently released by the National Crop Estimates Committee...

27 Jul 2018

Key findings and insights into the U.S. tomato market

The U.S tomato market totalled $12.8bn in 2017 in wholesale prices, which was $2.2bn (15%) less than the year before and $5.4bn (30%) less than its highest level observed in 2018...

26 Jul 2018

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