Part 3: One Dentsu - Ideas-led

How is mobile enhancing our consumer experience through OOH?
Part 3: One Dentsu - Ideas-led

Posterscope is part of the Dentsu Aegis Network (DAN). At DAN we start with our client’s challenge and provide a holistic solution across our business focusing on being ideas-led, tech-enabled and data-driven.

In this three-part series we have demonstrated how Posterscope is utilising these pillars across our business.

In Part 1 we focused on how Posterscope’s investment and focus in growth and development of technology has brought ECOS to life, in Part 2 we focused on how we are using ECOS to combine data sources to analyse a location and behaviour over time.

In this final piece we will continue to focus on Posterscope’s investment in tools and data and look how mobile is enhancing the OOH experience for consumer.

There is an abundance of location data spend across all markets currently. Every day we are hearing and reading about new location data sources, new location data partners and new ways of using this data to better inform the approach to OOH and location.

“By 2020, more people will have smartphones than electricity at home. Mobile growth worldwide will continue to grow”, according to Cisco (US Technology company), “by 2020, 69% of the global population will have a smartphone, while only 68% of global population will have electricity at home.”

With more than half of the world’s population on smartphones, more and more people are connected resulting in an explosion of data, thus there is more data available to understand people’s behaviours and movements in the real world.

In the land where everyone has access to data in some or other form, having data is no longer the actual first prize, it’s what you do with the data and the insights you can extract from the data that has become the crucial differentiator. The true value of accurate location data lies with what you do with it and how it helps your clients become more relevant to their consumers.

Yetunde Adegbite the general manager of Posterscope Nigeria had this to add about how mobile is influencing OOH in their market, “Nigeria, a nation whose population is predominantly youth (51.9%) has experienced a significant growth in mobile within the past few years. Mobile has become a huge part of the consumer experience – even their out-of-home experiences.

In Posterscope Nigeria, what we have done is to tap into this “New Oil” to further strengthen our position as location experts. An example is what we did for Nestle.

In a 2018 shopper promotion campaign for Nestlé’s Nescafé, we did an integration of mobile, social and OOH. A variety of data touchpoints revealed that mobile is important in the lives of the target group and as a result, key to the success of the campaign. This resulted in increased engagement and a view of campaign content on the brand’s social-media assets we embedded, compared to others not embedded. For the first time, OOH could be measured”

Posterscope SA echo’s our Nigerian partner’s sentiment as we are combining OOH with geo-targeted mobile with some great results. This allows us to better understand the behaviour of people and how to customise our clients message in the most relevant manner to their audience.

With rich mobile data integrated into our tools and forming part of our growing data collection, Posterscope is able to integrate mobile from start to finish in our planning process to determine the best location strategies for our clients. We ensure we have a holistic, end to end approach to close the loop. We start with mobile and we end with mobile, the ecosystem feeds itself.

Looking forward to 2020, the future for Posterscope is very exciting as mobile will become an even bigger part of our day to day planning to help solve our client’s objectives and challenges.

“This is an important area for how Posterscope demonstrates media convergence to enhance the performance of not only OOH, but OOH as part of a wider media mix or location-based strategy.

In the UK we have been using OOH + Mobile for a long time, over four years – to great effect in maximising OOH planning, implementation and dynamic optimisation, across DOOH, and finally measurement / attribution. “ – Nick Halas (Global Head of Strategy – Posterscope)

In this three-part series we really enjoyed sharing how Posterscope uses the three pillars of being tech-enabled, data driven and ideas-led. In utilising these pillars across our business, it enables us to continue to stay on the forefront of this ever-changing media landscape.

Part 2: One Dentsu - Data-driven
Part 2: One Dentsu - Data-driven

Posterscope combines social and online data to analyse Sandton...

Issued by Dentsu 4 Nov 2019

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