Using creativity to solve business problems

What's the point of creativity if it doesn't have a business objective? DAN creatives across East and West Africa share the approaches they took in successfully resolving some of their biggest clients' challenges.
Using creativity to solve business problems

BIGI moves for Pepsi Tanzania

Agency: DAN, Tanzani

Client: Pepsi Tanzania

The challenge: To quickly and firmly establish awareness of Pepsi Tanzania’s new 600ml bottle. The brand’s 500ml plastic bottles and 350ml glass bottles were already prevalent in the market.

“With the country’s recent shift in political temperament, the economic climate has changed drastically and constantly challenges us to optimise, be functional and directly link our ideas to sales,” says Abdul Sykes, Associate Creative Director at DAN Tanzania.

The solution: “Drawing from our childhood memories and observing how consumers order and enjoy soft drinks, it became our objective to develop a name for the product that would be catchy and infectious and win over our audience instantly,” explains Abdul. ‘Tanzanians are very sociable and habitually give each other names that describe the person they’re speaking to. ‘BIGI’ describes a person tall and bold in stature, and we knew that giving our new bottle this name would go down well. Executions told our consumers to ‘Jiongeze na Pepsi BIGI’. It called for them to ‘upgrade’ themselves and give themselves more of what they deserve.

We collaborated with local musicians and produced what can truly be described as a hit. With its unique Tanzanian sound, the Pepsi BIGI song was on the tongues of children walking home from school and became the way that people ordered a drink at the local corner store. With radio the strongest medium in Tanzania, we went for national coverage and earned a place among classic radio ads that will be echoed for generations to come.”

The result: “Sales for the 600ml plastic bottle are doing far better than expected, and we are proud to have produced something that shows a true understanding of the consumer. Having our diverse team crammed into a recording studio to express their creativity produced what can only be described as something ‘BIGI’!” says Abdul.

Using creativity to solve business problems

Data is life in Nigeria

Agency: Noah’s Ark, Nigeria

Client: Airtel Nigeria

The challenge: Keeping Airtel Nigeria relevant and top of mind as it remained on 3G mobile technology, while all its competitors upgraded to 4G LTE.

“The Nigerian business, cultural and political landscape is one of the most unique and complex on the continent,” says Bolaji Alausa, Executive Creative Director at Noah’s Ark, Nigeria. “These complexities are further fuelled by the diversity of beliefs, cultural values and the general mindset of Nigerians. Navigating all these potential bottlenecks to delivering excellent creative work requires thinking outside not only one box, but many boxes.”

The solution: “As a largely emotional and sentimental people, tapping into relatable insights and cultural truisms offers us a strong platform from which to work,” says Bolaji. “Our research showed that people do not care so much about technology, but more about having access to the internet when they need it most. They want data that works, irrespective of the technology behind it. Consumers also compared data to real life essentials, like food and air.”

“What we did with all these insights was to reframe the challenge, and rise above the category conventions of data speed, price and volume. We created the Life Without Data video to demystify technology and reflect our consumers’ core need: reliable connectivity, irrespective of the technology powering it.’’

The result: Close to one million data subscribers! (That’s more than many of those service providers with “better” technology...)

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