VUT commissions Boomtown to carry out brand audit

Vaal University of Technology (VUT), an institution that aspires to take the lead in innovative knowledge and quality technology education, has appointed Boomtown to carry out a brand audit and create a strategy for the brand.
“We’ve been established as VUT for a little over 10 years, and we wanted to understand our current position in the market place and where we are in relation to our competitors,” explains VUT Marketing and Brand Manager, Tisch Farrell, “We want to ensure we remain aligned with the needs and preferences of prospective students, and that we sustain our credibility.”

A brand audit provides an analysis of a brand and its marketing effectiveness. It assesses its strengths and weaknesses, and identifies opportunities for growth, as well as areas or potential areas which are inhibiting or counteracting what the brand has set out to achieve.

“From the discoveries in the audit, we will make recommendations to VUT to improve the brand positioning, messaging, creative expressions as well as the marketing effectiveness,” explains the Boomtown head of strategy and leader for the audit, Stuart Innell. The strategy we create will then lead to the development of a re-energised and refreshed brand and marketing strategy to position VUT accordingly amongst its stakeholders.”

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