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The SU Language Centre offers research-based, language-related products and services to people from diverse educational backgrounds, so that they can enhance their communication skills to be more successful in life.
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Africa Day 2023: Our Africa, our future
In commemoration of Africa Day this year, the Stellenbosch University Language Centre pays homage to the often overlooked yet crucial profession of interpreters in Africa, reflecting upon their significant contributions in bridging language barriers throughout the continent. 23 May 2023 Read more

Mother language, heart language
This week, Mother Language Day was celebrated internationally on 21 February: A day dedicated to the language in which our very first thoughts were verbalised. We're so different, but this is something that we all share. 23 Feb 2023 Read more

About a multilingual mindset
As a leading university in Africa, Stellenbosch University believes multilingualism matters. We believe that multilingualism is about more than just being able to use multiple languages. 28 Nov 2022 Read more

Why do translators translate?
In celebration of International Translation Day on 30 September, we've approached a few of the translators with whom the Language Centre collaborates to share with us why they do the work they do - why do they translate? 29 Sep 2022 Read more

The ripple effect of language
Most of us don't think much about language in the abstract as we go about our everyday lives. And yet, the language we use in our studies, in work contexts and in our personal relationships shapes perceptions of who we are, how we like to be in the world, and what matters most to us. 2 Aug 2021 Read more

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