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Rogerwilco is a multi-award winning, independently owned end-to-end digital customer experience agency. We exist to remove the friction in brands' digital engagement with their audiences, no matter the channel or touchpoint.
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Latest news

Rogerwilco announces senior appointments
Rogerwilco, the digital CX agency, has announced three senior management appointments. 4 Jul 2024 Read more

Dominic Anschutz joins Rogerwilco board
Digital marketing agency Rogerwilco welcomes Dominic Anschutz to the board of its UK-based parent company, Rogerwilco Limited. Anschutz joins the UK board as a non-executive director, aiming to drive growth in the UK and EU markets and provide mentorship to the agency’s UK team. 11 Jun 2024 Read more

Rogerwilco creates accurate content on Africa Check's Election Information Hub
To ensure that accurate information reaches South African voters before the general election, Africa Check has added an Election Information Hub to its website, featuring fact-check reports, analyses, factsheets and AI generated videos produced by multi-award-winning digital marketing agency Rogerwilco. 22 May 2024 Read more

How the Cookie crumbles: Crafting new marketing strategies in a Cookie-free world
In an era where privacy reigns supreme, the digital advertising world faces one of its most seismic shifts: the phase-out of third-party cookies. While Google may have pushed out its plan to have 100% of Chrome users cookie-free from this year, this monumental change demands a re-evaluation of marketing strategies that have long relied on the precise targeting that third-party cookies provided. 14 May 2024 Read more

Businesses invited to participate in the 2024 South African Customer Experience Research Report
The South African Customer Experience Report has become a mainstay for those wishing to understand the expectations and experiences of local consumers. Freely accessible to anyone and everyone, it draws on responses from 2,000 South Africans representing a broad range of socioeconomic and cultural backgrounds, providing insights into the needs, desires, and pain points of consumers. In today’s increasingly competitive and globalised marketplace, characterised by a burgeoning abundance of information and choice, these insights are indispensable to corporates who wish to stay ahead by offering their customers the best brand experience possible. 26 Mar 2024 Read more

Rogerwilco appointed performance marketing agency to Momentum Metropolitan Holdings
Rogerwilco, the multi-award-winning digital marketing and customer experience (CX) agency, has been newly appointed to partner with Momentum Metropolitan Holdings (MMH) as the Group’s performance marketing. Rogerwilco is one of nine agencies recently appointed to elevate the organisation’s public image and build further credibility within the financial services sector. 11 Mar 2024 Read more

Rogerwilco enhances digital marketing through AI-based neuroscience product
  • South African multi award-winning end-to-end digital CX agency, Rogerwilco adds Ergon’s Neurons to its martech partnership ecosystem 27 Feb 2024 Read more

  • Rogerwilco’s contribution to the Drupal community
    At Rogerwilco, we specialise in Drupal, a robust CMS used by businesses of all kinds all over the world. NASA, The Warner Brothers, and Tesla are just a few of the big names that use it. Its appeal lies in its scalability. One of our developers likens it to Lego bricks for coding. Whatever you want to do, Drupal can do it. In the rare case that it can’t, you can extend it so it can. On our production floor, any question about functionality is greeted with “there’s a module for that.” 14 Feb 2024 Read more

    Rogerwilco: Responding to the evolution in South Africa's digital marketing landscape
    Since its inception in 2008, local agency Rogerwilco has been at the forefront of South Africa's digital marketing landscape. Over the years, the company has witnessed the evolution of digital platforms, from the infancy of Facebook and Twitter to the advent of Instagram and the birth of the iOS app store. 6 Sep 2023 Read more

    2023 Annual Township CX Report launches on 7 June
    • Latest research report shows the township economy is weathering the storm
    • Marketers, advertisers and brand owners join the online launch event for all the insights
     18 May 2023 Read more

    Digital: It's fast, it's unpredictable and I like it
    I've worked in traditional ad agencies my whole career. Now I work at a digital agency. My role is to add a new - better - dimension to their strategic creative value. When I took the job I thought I knew what I was in for, but I was wrong. Very little about the move has been predictable. 16 Mar 2023 Read more

    5 steps to using design thinking in creating multi-channel marketing strategy
    Our fourth annual South African Digital Customer Experience Report, released last quarter, showed that local websites and retailer apps are still where most people do their shopping, coming in at 67% and 63% respectively. However, 48% - effectively half - of the people we surveyed said they buy directly through Facebook and Instagram. 6 Dec 2022 Read more

    Don't be blinded by Black Friday - your customers aren't
    South Africans will spend R56.8bn on retail goods online this year, representing a year-on-year growth of 39%. There is a terrific opportunity here, but if brands and marketers plan to get a share of these billions from events like Black Friday, they're not seeing the bigger, better picture. 18 Nov 2022 Read more

    Wilton Ackeer joins Rogerwilco
    New creative director adds weight to agency's management team. 17 Oct 2022 Read more

    The Lead Creative podcast launches season 2
  • A must-listen for marketers, brands and agencies who want the low-down on some of the most memorable marketing moments we all wish we had made 30 Aug 2022 Read more

  • The metaverse: Definition, history, and future
    The metaverse is seen as a new digital realm, a shared interactive, immersive augmented reality that combines virtual worlds, blockchain, AR, and VR. The concept has been around in science fiction for decades but was popularised during the Covid-19 pandemic. The metaverse seems like the perfect solution to a problem - that of connection. 17 Jun 2022 Read more

    World's most trusted customer engagement platform, MoEngage, now available in SA
    South Africa's multi award-winning performance marketing agency, Rogerwilco adds MoEngage to its martech partnership ecosystem. 31 May 2022 Read more

    2022 annual Township CX Report launches in June
    - Research report tracks Kasi saving, spending and shopping trend for SA marketers 23 May 2022 Read more

    Joseph Hundah joins Rogerwilco board
  • Hundah's appointment supports the agency's African growth ambitions 21 Apr 2022 Read more

  • Rogerwilco launches digital PR services
    Digital agency of the year strengthens its already robust offering 12 Apr 2022 Read more

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