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Pride in South Africa hits new high

A telephone study conducted by Research Surveys among a sample of 500 South African adults in metropolitan areas, shows that just a week after the Olympics closed, pride in South Africa was at a high 96%. People were being asked to agree or disagree with the statement: "You are proud to be a South African".

The figures were particularly high amongst younger people (aged 18 to 24) but dropped to 93% amongst older people and to 91% amongst whites in the sample.

People were also asked whether they felt positive about South Africa and its future. Here, 85% agreed with this statement, but there were some quite large differences amongst different groups of people.

Encouragingly, again, younger people were the most positive (93%), with all other age groups dropping to 83%. This trend is also evident in other data gathered earlier this year. Younger people are generally more optimistic and happier than other age groups. This is due, at least in part, to their higher levels of health.

It is also interesting to note that the two most optimistic groups were those earning less than R2000 per month and those earning over R6 000 per month. The R2000 to R6000 were less optimistic.

There were some notable difference by region, too. Those in Gauteng were less positive (82%) than those in Durban (95%). Whites, at 75%, were the least optimistic about the future.

The statement about being positive about SA's future is one that forms part of RS's Market Sentiment Index. Comparing these results with readings earlier this year shows that optimism in SA has been rising steadily the whole year, but especially since end-March/early April. This is, no doubt, influenced by the falling inflation rates, reductions in the interest rate, the successful elections, winning the 2010 Soccer World Cup bid, the success of our athletes in Athens and our Tri-nations win. It is interesting to see that the gap between younger people and older people has widened as the year has progressed. Perhaps there is a new vitality about South Africa at the moment, concludes Research Surveys.

13 Sep 2004 15:19