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Focusing on the power of sleep for World Sleep Day 2024

Restonic, the largest bed manufacturer in sub-Saharan Africa, leads the way to improve sleep for South Africans
Focusing on the power of sleep for World Sleep Day 2024

World Sleep Day will be commemorated on Friday, 15 March 2024 and leading bed brand, Restonic SA, is using the opportunity to spearhead a campaign that focuses on the power of sleep.

The theme for this World Sleep Day is “sleep equity for global health”., the official organiser, notes that “Sleep is essential to health, but measurable differences in sleep health persist across populations across the world, creating additional burdens and reinforcing health inequities.”

In 2023, Restonic launched the Restonic Ezintsha Sleep Clinic, the first facility of its kind in South Africa. Dr Alison Bentley, medical doctor at the Restonic Ezintsha Sleep Clinic, explains that sleep, as it relates to healthcare, remains under-researched in South Africa. The clinic aims to not only service patients with sleep problems as a centre of excellence for sleep analysis, but also to improve local sleep research and training other doctors. All of this contributes towards sleep equity.

Recently, Lubanzi Mbatha became the first child to take part in a sleep study at the clinic, which includes a facility specifically designed for children. He has a bone growth disorder known as Achondroplasia, which has resulted in him battling to sleep well since birth.

After being observed for the sleep study, Lubanzi was diagnosed with severe sleep apnoea, meaning his upper airway is obstructed during nighttime sleep. He has since been fitted for a continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) machine. The machine will gently blow a constant stream of air into Lubanzi's nose, preventing his airway from closing, and vastly improving his oxygen intake and sleep. This, in turn, will improve his energy levels and general health.

Focusing on the power of sleep for World Sleep Day 2024

As another of its first sleep studies, the clinic has been tasked by Restonic with running an internal sleep survey among the company’s employees to help Restonic staff understand and tackle their own sleep challenges. Dr Bentley will share the findings of this survey as well as her recommendations with participating employees at the Restonic head offices in Johannesburg on World Sleep Day.

“We know that sleep is the foundation for health and wellbeing and affects everything from physical to mental and emotional health,” says Dale Harley, marketing executive at Restonic. “As we focus on sharing our message around the power of sleep, the most logical place to start is at home, with our own team.”

However, the aim, Harley says, is not to stop with Restonic employees, but to provide as many people as possible with the tools and resources they need to improve their sleep quality. “We’ve therefore created a new podcast series, Power of Sleep with Restonic, which offers free access to Dr Bentley’s medical insights on topics ranging from sleep apnoea to paediatric sleep disorders and everything in between,” he says. “Our channel also includes other sleep-focused resources, such as bedtime stories, soothing sounds to fall asleep to, and information on mattress selection and care.”

Restonic also shares sleep advice and updates on its sleep blog and social media platforms and will be focusing on practical ways people can improve their sleep throughout March.

“The truth is that many of us could get better sleep if we had the right support,” says Harley. “Restonic wants to help people to experience how sleep can be their superpower, whether at home, at work or in achieving their sporting, financial or relationship dreams.”

14 Mar 2024 15:55