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Everlytic unlocks the secrets of best-performing education emails

Brand communication in the education sector is highly competitive, but Everlytic’s new marketing report shares strategies to ensure emails stand out.
Everlytic unlocks the secrets of best-performing education emails

The report, titled The language of learning: How to optimise your education emails, is a handy resource to guide marketers as it’s packed with proven insights into how education emails can build trust, boost a sense of authority, and encourage engagement.

As South Africa’s largest digital messaging platform, Everlytic knows the power of email marketing, which is an increasingly important channel for communicating to parents and students in the education industry.

For perspective, more than 110-million education- and training-themed marketing emails were sent through Everlytic’s bulk communication and automation platform in 2022.

In a bid to help marketers ensure their education emails are effective, Everlytic partnered with BreadCrumbs Linguistics, a behavioural communications firm, to analyse the linguistic patterns that were common across the 20 best-performing 2022 education emails.

This is the fourth report in a series presenting top tips for better email engagement across various industries.

The analysis revealed five key language themes in the emails. One of these was the language of quality, as the education brands positioned themselves with strong adjectives – for example leading, world-class, and prestigious – to convey value in a bid for readers to aspire to attend the institution.

The report also demonstrates how the content was structured and shares practical examples. One tactic was to make the emails attractive. For this, visuals of students were most frequently used in the top banner of the mailers, which helped to make the reader feel part of a community. Images of the institution buildings or premises were also common in the emails.

For calls to action, standalone buttons framed with language of urgency were the best at encouraging engagement.

Timing was important too, as the mailers sent mid-afternoon on Tuesdays and Thursdays were most successful. July and September saw the highest engagement, which potentially correlates with seasonal communication about holidays and upcoming exam dates respectively.

The report ultimately shows marketers how they can craft effective education emails by paying close attention to the link between language, behaviour, and decision-making.

For the full detailed analysis to guide education email marketing efforts, download the report for free on

6 Dec 2023 11:51