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Smail takes no small steps as Everlytic’s new head of channel sales

There’s a new force to reckon with at Everlytic as tech stalwart, Zuraida Smail, has stepped into the head of channel sales role.
Zuraida Smail
Zuraida Smail

As its name suggests, the channel sales department falls under the sales umbrella at South Africa’s largest digital messaging platform. “Channel sales penetrates into a market where small and medium enterprises (SMEs) sell our products to other companies or spaces,” explained Smail.

As an advocate for growing SMEs, heading up this department is ideal for the seasoned strategic manager, who brings a wealth of sales skills and 15 years of experience in the information and communication technology sector.

In just a few months at Everlytic, Smail has made significant moves in line with her business ethos, “We don't partner from a distance. We partner at the table, together.”

She’s assisted clients – referred to as channel partners, reached out to new businesses, and shared her strategy. She’s also hosted two webinars and recorded an episode of the Everlytic Bytes podcast.

“It’s exciting because I've had so many partners start emailing me. I'm proud of my team – they are reaching people and creating ripples in the industry.”

Smail has already expanded her team. “When I arrived, we had three channel managers. I’ve since had the privilege of appointing an operation channel lead and recruiting a further five channel managers.”

She says her team members are advocates of the brand. “They are so passionate. I can only see us growing."

So, what type of business should consider partnering with Everlytic? “Businesses that are looking at growing their revenue, have an existing base, and want to be able to add some sort of difference to SMEs.”

Smail listed many reasons why companies should partner with Everlytic, from the ‘amazing business culture’ to the product. “What's in it for them is a partnership with an organisation that offers a large amount of communication software – almost on steroids.”

She has no small hopes for the future. “I’m a salesperson, right? So, I want to see big numbers on the wall. I want to see the channel team really dominating and owning this space. I also want to see the Everlytic brand fly.”

Details: Read more about how to become a channel partner on, email moc.citylreve@adiaruz, and listen to the Everlytic Bytes episode.

27 Nov 2023 11:00