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Burger King South Africa spreads smiles with 'The Small Pleasures' campaign

Laughter is the best medicine, and Burger King South Africa prescribes it through smiles and affordable meals. In this time of 'electricity only when you're asleep' and a seemingly endless bout of 'mid-month blues', Burger King is bringing some much-needed joy and relief with their latest marketing campaign 'The Small Pleasures'.
Burger King South Africa spreads smiles with 'The Small Pleasures' campaign

While the economy might be doing its own funky dance, consumers can too – with a Burger King Value Meal that’s big on taste and light on the wallet. In these turbulent times, Burger King is there to serve up a recipe for happiness.

Julia Ridderhof, strategist at Grey Advertising Africa, loves this campaign. She says: "The Small Pleasures campaign brilliantly captures the exceptional value you will get when you come to a Burger King. It reminds us that you can still indulge in life's simple joys amongst all the chaos – like enjoying a King Value meal that doesn't break the bank."

Burger King South Africa spreads smiles with 'The Small Pleasures' campaign

The campaign comes to life through a new TV commercial. Imagine an ordinary South African, fresh from a shopping spree, who suddenly can't find their car in the mall parking lot. Panic and anxiety start to creep in, only to be chased away by the realisation that they parked on a different level. It's like breaking Olympic records with fewer hurdles and more fries. Finding the car in question is the sweetest, smallest pleasure ever.

TJ Njozela, creative director at Grey Advertising Africa, explains: "Many South Africans are cash-strapped right now because the cost of living has gone up. It's becoming increasingly difficult to find small moments of joy in our challenging socio-economic landscape. This TVC shows how just a small pleasure can be a huge relief. That's how Burger King's King Value Meals offer people the opportunity to enjoy a small pleasure, despite our challenges, with a burger, drink, and fries from a small R39.90."

Burger King South Africa spreads smiles with 'The Small Pleasures' campaign

The Small Pleasures campaign focuses on providing customers with affordable and satisfying menu options that cater to their everyday financial challenges. According to Ezelna Jones, marketing executive at Burger King: “The campaign aims to provide customers with a range of affordable menu items that deliver on taste, quality, and value for money. Through this campaign, Burger King South Africa hopes to establish itself as a leading provider of affordable and high-quality fast food options that caters to the needs of budget-conscious consumers.

Burger King – perfecting the flame-grilled Whopper since 1954.

Watch the television commercial:

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Louise Johnston: managing director
Glenn Jeffery: executive creative director
David Mthembu: creative director
TJ Njozela: creative director
Jayson Dicks: copywriter
Seth Beukes: senior art director
Brett David: business director
Anelisa Molose: account director
Ingrid Shellard: producer
Julia Ridderhof: strategy

14 Nov 2023 10:04