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BET Software partners with Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology

Over the years, BET Software's commitment to elevating the quality of education in high schools and tertiary institutions, has given learners and students access to cutting-edge resources on their academic journeys. It has also enhanced their knowledge, in preparation for this tech-driven era.
BET Software dished out valuable insights at Richfield’s Career Fairs
BET Software dished out valuable insights at Richfield’s Career Fairs

To invest further in the future workforce, BET Software has now officially partnered with Richfield Graduate Institute of Technology. The purpose of the partnership is for BET Software to accept selected Richfield students from both the Business Management Sciences and Information Technology faculties. The company will also provide developer opportunities for students, take on guest lectures at Richfield’s various campuses, give mentorship and career guidance to students, and offer 'Dare to Dream' bursaries to qualifying students who meet the criteria.

To cement this partnership, BET Software showcased what it has to offer, at Richfield’s Career Fairs on Thursday, 1 November 2023. The BET team presented tech talks at the Umhlanga campus. Graduate trainees also shared their experiences about being part of BET Software thus far.

Michael Collins, general manager at BET Software, said that the significance of partnering with Richfield is that it’s a long-term investment.

“Students bring innovative ideas and diverse perspectives. Our vision is to continue supporting their academic endeavours. BET Software looks forward to witnessing the power of this collective effort in achieving common goals,” he explained.

3 Nov 2023 11:05