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OLC's fresh faces and new client collaborations: A new era of game-changing moves

It's not every day that a company gets to announce a double win: an enthusiastic influx of new talent and a roster of brand-new, exciting clients. But for Offlimit Communications [OLC], today is that day!
OLC's fresh faces and new client collaborations: A new era of game-changing moves

As a business that's always believed in the power of fresh perspectives, OLC proudly announces the expansion of its team across several pivotal departments: Activations, Promo as well as PR.

But the story doesn't end with a growing team.

The past three months, primarily August and September, have seen OLC clinching deals with industry giants. The company has created promising partnerships with revered brands within the Energy industry and financial sector with brands such as ABSA. The FMCG portfolio continues to grow within Pernod Ricard and Coca-Cola. Such alliances don't merely echo OLC's growth but underscore its commitment to delivering versatile and impactful TTL solutions.

While the business world poses its unique set of challenges, OLC is equipped with a passionate team and compelling collaborations, setting it on a path to conquer any hurdle. Growth occurs through experiencing both pain and pleasure, and failure is an integral part of this process. Failure brings about clarity, and clarity is empowering.

Jerome Cohen, CEO of OLC and one-fourth of the visionaries guiding OLC, offered his insights: "With a strong ‘can do’ culture and a resilient type of mind set, a business and its’ employees can only reach greater heights. What we focus on is what we will feel, so if we want to feel safe during any turbulent times, we need to focus on the future. To do so we have to work on a road map and gain clarity on how to action it all, and believe that a crisis will pass. Everybody wants a shortcut but there is no magic formula; it’s all the small things we do every day that compound to success, and a “Hustle” mindset will fast track the process.”

The company's recent endeavours serve as a testament to its ethos, reminding all that it's not solely about marching to the beat of the market; it's about creating one's own rhythm.

As OLC celebrates these significant milestones, it stands as a beacon of growth, collaboration, and innovation. With a rejuvenated team and dynamic partnerships in its arsenal, the horizon looks even more promising for the leading through-the-line agency.

3 Nov 2023 09:51