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New insights for South African Black Friday e‑commerce email campaigns

Digital communication platform Everlytic analysed the data on millions of e-commerce emails sent from its platform between 2021 and 2022 to identify valuable insights that South African marketers can use to optimise their email campaigns for Black Friday.
New insights for South African Black Friday e‑commerce email campaigns

Data was extracted on email send volumes and engagement for Black Friday itself, the three weekdays preceding it and the three days following it – seven days in total. To add an additional layer of insights to the data, it was also compared to metrics from Everlytic’s most recent Email Benchmarks Report.

The analysis showed that engagement and send volumes decreased from 2021 to 2022 on all days considered, except for Black Friday and Cyber Monday. Still, all-round engagement on the weekdays preceding and following Black Friday remained strong compared to industry benchmarks.

The Tuesday and Thursday preceding Black Friday were identified as good sending days, as was Cyber Monday (the first weekday following Black Friday). The preceding Wednesday showed good average engagement but lagged compared to the other weekdays analysed.

Unsubscribe and complaint rates decreased significantly from 2021 to 2022, which could indicate that e-commerce marketers are increasingly spreading out their email campaigns over a longer timeframe and not sending only during that week.

The average click-through-rates for all weekdays were still significantly higher than the industry benchmark rates on e-commerce emails – hinting that businesses who are planning on sending during this time will still benefit from optimal engagement rates.

You can view the full infographic on the Everlytic website.

20 Oct 2023 12:40