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Everlytic's women leaders leave ladder down for other women to climb

At a time when women hold only 23% of tech jobs in South Africa, Everlytic's leadership is mostly made up of women, and as they rise, they're uplifting others.
Everlytic's women leaders leave ladder down for other women to climb

Their mentorship has been strongly felt this Women’s Month as these women managers at South Africa’s largest digital messaging platform have explained what leadership means to them and shared career advice for other women in tech.

On 11 August, some of them attended an event to encourage bravery among learners who are part of the Girls in Stem (science, technology, engineering, and mathematics) programme, in collaboration with the Melisizwe Computer Lab Project. The event was held at Webber Wentzel in Sandton, and a key theme that emerged was the need for a supportive community among women who leave the door to opportunities open for others.

In this light, five of Everlytic’s women leaders shared their advice for other women hoping to succeed in the tech industry. Louise Krog, executive head of sales and marketing, encouraged women not to shy away from failure as there’s bound to be failings along the way. “Continue to lean in to being better tomorrow and so you will win the day, then the week, then the month, and finally the year,” said Krog.

Similarly, Wilene van Greunen, head of client services, said to focus on the long game. “Be an infinite player who does not just strive to win or excel, but to persevere and outlast. Our ultimate successes are embedded in tough and challenging times – have the courage to lead with intensity and consistency,” she advised.

Courage can be found when one feels supported, and Cristelle Snyman, marketing manager, urged aspiring women in tech to look for like-minded women to help, guide, and mentor them. “When you find the right mentors, it makes it so much easier to learn from your mistakes, to find the courage to keep going, and to never give up,” said Snyman.

It’s this never-give-up spirit and strength of women that leads Nazeerah Khan, head of technical and customer support, to advise: “Always remember that you are the only person who can define your ability and limitations. Shine like the diamond you were born to be!”

In a similar vein, Zuraida Smail, head of channel sales, believes women should embrace their femininity. She added: “Understand your industry, have balance in your life, and – most importantly – don’t put anything off that should and can be done today. Stay focused on your goals.”

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18 Aug 2023 13:40