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The Powerade brand launches global platform 'Pause is Power' in South Africa

The campaign features influential sports and lifestyle personalities - Caster Semenya, Mapule Ndlovu, Tatjana Schoemaker, and Ryle deMorny.
The Powerade brand launches global platform 'Pause is Power' in South Africa

The Powerade brand is celebrating the power of the pause, prioritising wellbeing over winning, with the launch of a new global communications platform. 'Pause is Power' challenges the 'win at all costs' mentality associated with modern sports culture by portraying the pause – a moment of laughter, reflection, community, and recovery – as an act of humanity with regenerative benefits.

To bring the campaign to life, the Powerade brand is proud to have partnered with elite local talent from across the sports and fitness world to tell powerful and inspiring stories of the moments when they choose to pause. An electrifying YouTube series showcases some of the biggest names in sports and fitness, each taking a moment to hit the pause button and focus on something else that is meaningful.

Dynamic fitfluencer Mapule Ndlovu leads the Pause to Be Playful, and Tatjana Schoemaker revels in the Pause to Regain Your Power. Legendary Caster Semenya relays the Pause for Something Bigger Than Yourself, while Ryle deMorny shares his own moment of inspiration with the Pause to Do It Your Way. These personalities offer a fascinating insight into the diverse reasons for taking a break and recharging your batteries.

Tatjana Schoenmaker, Mapule Ndlovu, Caster Semenya, Ryle de Morny
Tatjana Schoenmaker, Mapule Ndlovu, Caster Semenya, Ryle de Morny

"I've learned first-hand the value of taking a break, and that's why Powerade's 'Pause is Power' campaign resonates with me so much. In today's sports culture, we're always pushing ourselves to the limit, both physically and mentally, to achieve our dreams," says Caster Semenya. "But if we neglect our mental well-being, we cannot reach our full potential. That's why it's essential to take a moment to pause, whether it's a deep breath, a timeout, or even a season off. By being kinder to ourselves, we can recharge and achieve our goals with even greater tenacity."

Recognising the hard work and dedication behind every achievement, Marketing director for Coca-Cola in South Africa, Ramokone Ledwaba, emphasises the transformative power of pausing. Acknowledging that the pressure of competition can be intense, Ledwaba believes that "hitting the Pause button allows individuals to regroup, reflect on their experiences, and ultimately tap into their inner strength. Proudly partnering with Caster Semenya, Mapule Ndlovu, Tatjana Schoemaker and Ryle deMorny, Powerade in South Africa seeks to empower individuals to achieve greatness on their own terms by celebrating the power of the Pause."

The Powerade team
The Powerade team

'Pause is Power' is a multi-year platform that has been informed by a select group of passionate young people from all over the world including US, Mexico, Germany, Australia, and here in South Africa. The group’s insights have helped direct the strategy and will continue to inform its future direction at a community level as it rolls out around the world. 'Pause is Power' brings to life the brand’s desire to power life beyond the win and the brand will continue to champion opportunities for people everywhere to take a necessary pause.

For more information on 'Pause is Power' visit:
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• Instagram: @poweradeza
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17 May 2023 11:28