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Get easy access to critical applications with Everlytic and Zapier integration

Seamless and simple: Zapier's integration with Everlytic redefines access to essential applications for customers.
Get easy access to critical applications with Everlytic and Zapier integration

  • Easy integration of more than 5,000 apps into Everlytic with Zapier
  • CRMs, ERPs, form builders, survey tools, social media, and multiple tools accessible on demand on an easy-to-use and intuitive platform
  • Zapier’s easy integration capabilities introduce automated journeys that make it simple for marketers to expand their capabilities with market-leading applications

Everlytic has announced integration with Zapier, a leading workflow automation platform that allows for seamless access to more than 5,000 applications. Zapier connects apps and services together within the business ecosystem to automate critical tools and processes within an intuitive interface that Everlytic customers can easily understand and use. The addition of Zapier to the Everlytic integration stable allows customers to leverage essential applications with greater control and within budget constraints.

“This relationship makes it quick and easy for marketers to integrate into specific applications without the need for a development team,” explains Ryno Scheepers, head of Technical Solutions at Everlytic. “Development is lengthy and costly and often limits the scale at which a client can integrate a solution into existing infrastructure. In the past, it could take as long as six months to integrate a CRM application to an ecommerce platform, but with Zapier, it is instantaneous.”

In addition to smoothing over the integration process and providing Everlytic clients with access to an exceptional range of applications and services, the integration with Zapier also entrenches compliance with local and global data protection regulations, such as POPIA and GDPR.

“We have created a link within Everlytic that redirects the client to Zapier and its bouquet of services,” says Scheepers. “Everything on the Zapier platform is WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) which means that users can connect with an application and start working immediately using their Everlytic username and password. They don’t need to be tech savvy or have developer-level skills to manage the process – everything has been designed to be as simple as possible.”

Marketing teams can forgo the need to be intensely technical as this integration removes the complexity traditionally associated with the introduction of new applications and services into the business. Zapier is user-friendly and Everlytic leverages this capability to provide clients with immediate access and instant value. This forms part of Everlytic’s commitment to creating a vibrant ecosystem that provides marketing teams with everything they need.

“Now, with Zapier and Everlytic connected, marketers can enjoy extensive automation capabilities that free up their time to focus more on their roles and company rather than on admin,” concludes Scheepers. “Regardless of the size of the application or the level of integration, Zapier and Everlytic make the process easy while streamlining workflows and improving productivity.”

To find out more about the Everlytic and Zapier integration, visit our dedicated webpage or contact moc.citylreve@selas.

10 May 2023 12:30