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Help! We're having a wedding!

The Smile FM Breakfast Show pulled off quite the surprise on Tuesday morning.
Help! We're having a wedding!

When Robin Bergsma, a 42 year-old sterilization technician from Montana, and Jorine Carlse, a 38 year-old professional nurse at Red Cross Children's Hospital, came to the Smile FM studios, little did Jorine know that she would be leaving with a sparkling diamond ring on her finger.

Robin and Jorine joined Smile Breakfast under the guise of playing The Mating Game. A quiz where couples get tested on how well they know each other. After spending 17 years together – the odds are they know each other pretty well.

They met when Robin worked with Jorine's mom, aunty Catherine, and Robin often used to give her a lift home. Robin was introduced to Jorine by aunty Catherine and the two then started chatting on Mxit (yes, that's how long ago it was!) and fell head over heels in love.

The couple had many ups and downs over the years but their love for each other only grew stronger with time. Yet, one question remained unanswered: why aren't they married yet? If you ask Robin, he'll tell you that there was never a good time and the logistics and cost involved to arrange a wedding, always seemed daunting to him. Ask Jorine, and she'll say, "it's simple, my babes just never popped the question".

What Jorine did not know was that Robin, with the help of the Smile Breakfast team was going to "pop the question", live on-air! And as they were about to start The Mating Game, he did! Of course, she said YES, and there wasn't a dry eye in the house.

10 Feb 2023 07:12