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Baristas and bartenders thirst for new skills

Now, more than ever, people are investing in memorable experiences. The anxiety associated with Covid-19 social distancing has lifted, and people are gathering again with newfound enthusiasm, eager to socialise, laugh and fill their social media pages with new pictures and memories.
Baristas and bartenders thirst for new skills

For eventgoers, the bar has become a stage for sensory stimulation. It’s not enough to slide a fresh drink across a bar. Now, the perfect cocktail or coffee includes theatrical pouring displays, a complimentary blend of selected ingredients, creative presentation, flare, and nuance. It is the optimum blend of ingredients, coupled with a demonstration of skill and attention to detail.

Thirst is one of the world’s leading bar experiences companies with over 20 years of industry experience. Their reputable barista and bartender courses have produced a talented troop who have not only perfected the skills of the craft, but also the subtle art of enhancing moments for guests and consumers.

Thirst Academy offers bartender and barista courses in Johannesburg, Cape Town, and Durban. Whether you want to learn the universally versatile skills of coffee-making or bartending, or you want to upskill your staff to create distinguishable beverages, Thirst Academy teaches the required proficiency and flare.

Thirst Bartender Academy is designed to give bartenders the skills to work a bar and produce cocktails under a fair amount of crowd pressure. Students will receive hands-on practical learning, giving them a competitive edge. The course covers the basic requirements such as tools of the trade, complimentary glassware for different drinks, customer service, cocktail mixing and product knowledge that spans from the traditional Old Fashioned to the Mai Tai Punch. Students will also learn how to layer shooters, the perfect serve for beer, wine, and other categories, and how to make a drink that is aesthetically worthy of an Instagram post.

Thirst Barista Course teaches budding baristas everything they need to know about the world of coffee. The two-day course covers an introduction to coffee, its history and various blends, hands-on training with equipment, the skills to pour the perfect cup and how to create unique latte art.

The in-person courses are taught by industry experts in simulated environments equipped with a host of ingredients and equipment. The flagship course is also offered online to those who wish to learn from the comfort of their own home.

Thirst understands that the perfect combination of skills and ingredients creates the perfect outcome. Whether you are a restaurant owner or event organiser searching for innovative ways to create memorable moments for your customers, a socialite with a flair for hosting, or you want to travel the world and rely on universal and lucrative skills, Thirst will provide the expertise that will set you apart from the rest.

Visit or contact us to reserve a seat for you or your staff at their next course.

4 Oct 2022 12:18