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Womanhood - what does it mean to you?

So, a difficult and complex question to define in just one line, yet it's at the core of every woman's existence. Some can articulate it; others just live it. One thing is certain though, everyone is impacted by it, inspired by it in one way or another.
Womanhood - what does it mean to you?

This Woman’s Month, let’s reflect more deliberately on the contributions, qualities, and experiences of some women around us. From our moms to aunts, friends, or even public figures. We are surrounded by incredible women who continually challenge their own notions of success and their rightful place in this world, more importantly, let’s acknowledge how they inspire us to do the same.

However small it might seem to us, we constantly defy the odds, going against the social constructs of what is expected of us and the perceived roles we are to play. Yet, this unquantifiable driving force pushes us farther, to achieve more, to be better. These successes we must celebrate each day, but this Women’s Month holds extra special meaning.

We truly want to honour this drive, resilience, and self-belief. Our very own Banyana Banyana, who against all odds, triumphed and brought home the Women’s Africa Cup of Nations trophy.

Not only did our president say that they have reached “the 'real pinnacle' of women’s football on the African continent”, but the momentous occasion has also reignited the debate around equal pay for women and men in sports, which led to a call for our national side to finally be paid equally to their male counterparts. About time, ‘Don’t you think?’

According to the United Association of SA (UASA) South Africa, although there have been progressive developments in our legislation to prevent gender discrimination in the workplace, women still earn up to 35% less than men for doing work of equal value.

This win has fuelled the waves of change! TLC Marketing South Africa would like to congratulate Banyana Banyana on bringing home the win, their very first continental title!

Feeling inspired? Let us help you craft a campaign your customers will love with our homegrown National Soccer Network. All aspiring Banyana Banyana young girls are most welcome.

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10 Aug 2022 10:23