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Skin Renewal puts the 'anti' in anti-ageing with cutting edge new treatment

If you're looking brighten and tighten your skin, without anti-social downtime or time-consuming post-procedure admin, Secret™ RF micro-needling is the glow-getting treatment you've been looking for. And it's available at Skin Renewal, nationwide.
Skin Renewal puts the 'anti' in anti-ageing with cutting edge new treatment

If you’re familiar with the term micro-needling but are reading Secret™ RF for the first time, here’s the not-so-secret recipe that makes this anti-ageing, face-firming treatment a favourite among aesthetic industry professionals and skin-savvy aesthetics fans: Secret™ RF micro-needling combines fractional radio frequency and an innovative micro-needling system to deliver incredible, accurate, impressively advanced dermal remodelling courtesy of the controlled RF (radio frequency) energy delivered directly and precisely at various depths of the skin, while maintaining the integrity of the epidermis and reducing patient downtime.

What is fractional RF?

Fractional RF is a new ‘best of both worlds’ technology that marries dermal stamping with radio frequency, using energy to heat up the skin's tissue – stimulating tissue re-modelling and kick-starting production of new collagen and elastin; rebuilding damaged cells and restoring your skin from the inside out. In the hands of an experienced, trained professional – like Skin Renewal’s world-class doctors and therapists, fractional RF is completely safe and minimally invasive.

How does Secret™ RF micro-needling get results?

This ‘dream team’ treatment stimulates and remodels the collagen beneath the skin while getting to work on turning back the clock by addressing common signs of ageing, and repairing skin damage caused by scarring, for example. Ideal for those looking to revitalise and refresh their skin, the Secret™ RF device is completely customisable thanks to sophisticated micro-needles that can be adjusted on a patient-by-patient basis to target fine lines and wrinkles; facial, body and acne scars; large pores and uneven skin texture; sun damage and stretch marks. While your skin will give the Secret™ RF micro-needling treatment a glowing review after just one treatment, a series of three or four treatments are recommended to really see the results you’re after.

Skin Renewal puts the 'anti' in anti-ageing with cutting edge new treatment

Sounds great, but you’re not a fan of needles?

Booking your first Secret™ RF micro-needling treatment, if you start to feel a tad faint at the mention of ‘needle’, can be a bit daunting but it really needn’t be. Micro-needling (emphasis on ‘micro’) is all gain, no pain. While your skin may be a little red and feel slightly sensitive a day or so after the treatment, the treatment itself combines topical numbing and cauterisation to deliver penetration with minimal bleeding. And, the real beauty of this treatment is that it’s as effective on the face as it is on other areas of the body.

Ready to let your skin on this secret?

To find out more about the Secret™ RF micro-needling treatment, available at Skin Renewal, contact any one of the 18 clinics in South Africa, reach out to us on social media @skinrenewalsa or get in touch via the Skin Renewal website:

1 Jun 2022 15:00