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World Radio Day: APO Group launches Radio News Release - the first content distribution service dedicated to radio in Africa

Radio News Release™ will reach hundreds of radio stations all over the continent, providing a diverse feed of quality soundbites with the potential to reach millions of Africans

On the eve of World Radio Day (, which is celebrated globally on February 13th, APO Group (, the leading Pan-African communications consultancy and press release distribution service, is proud to announce the launch of Radio News Release™ (, the first Pan-African news distribution service dedicated to soundbites and audio clips.

APO Group’s peerless media database of more than 450,000 journalists reporting on Africa, along with the company’s recent partnership with the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) ( means Radio News Release™ will be able to provide soundbites to all the major radio stations on the continent.

Radios are affordable and portable, and millions of Africans rely on them to stay up-to-date with what is happening in their communities, countries and around the world. According to data from the African Union, more than a third of African adults cannot read or write, so radio is an essential form of mass communication across the continent. And while the rest of the world takes online news for granted, in Africa only 43% of people have access to the internet.

Against this backdrop, the only way to reach huge numbers of African people is via their radios.

“Radio forms an absolutely crucial part of the African mass media landscape,” said APO Group Founder and Chairman, Nicolas Pompigne-Mognard ( “Radio News Release provides radio stations with a quality feed of Africa-related soundbites and audio files which will help them deliver key stories into the heart of African communities.”

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For radio stations, soundbites distributed by APO Group are available free of charge, providing them with an invaluable feed of audio content. Quotes from prominent business figures, updates from African governments, and vital news from public institutions are carried by Radio News Release™ in broadcast quality so they can be incorporated by radio stations in their news output quickly and easily.

Radio forms an absolutely crucial part of the African mass media landscape

Sports content will feature heavily on Radio News Release™, as APO Group is the Pan-African Public Relations agency of FIFA, the NBA, the Basketball Africa League, and partners with many other prominent sporting organisations, including iconic French football club Olympique de Marseille.

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As part of APO Group’s partnership with the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB), Radio News Release™ will be available to all AUB radio stations, along with members of their sister associations around the world, including the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the Arab States Broadcasting Union (ASBU), and the Asia-Pacific Broadcasting Union (ABU).

APO Group works with more than 300 multinational companies, prominent global organizations and public institutions. For these clients, Radio News Release affords a chance to dive deeper into the African mass media, and consequently reach huge untapped audiences across the African continent.

Content creation is a difficult and often expensive endeavour for communications departments. Soundbites are, however, very easy and cheap to produce. APO Group’s clients can use existing content - for example a press release or an online press conference – and transform it into an easy-to-distribute and consumable piece of content for radio stations.

APO Group has even provided its own Soundbite Recording ( service where clients can record and download their soundbites quickly and easily. There are tips for how to optimize quality, and options to record and re-record soundbites until they are perfect for distribution across the Radio News Release service.

It highlights the importance of always delivering content in the right format so that journalists are more likely to use it. Newspapers, magazines and online journalists require text content and images, while TV stations rely on B-Roll video clips. It is only logical, therefore, that radio stations require soundbites if they are going to incorporate third-party content into their news output.

“Radio stations represent a hugely significant and largely untapped cross-section of the African media landscape. By offering a rich variety of audio news content for free, APO Group is delivering content to radio broadcasters in the exact format they need. No-one has ever offered a service like this to African radio stations before, and it is enabling them to broadcast some of the best sports, business and technology stories to millions of African people for the very first time,” said Mr GrĂ©goire Ndjaka, CEO of the African Union of Broadcasting (AUB).

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The African Union of Broadcasting (AUB) ( is the professional body representing national and private televisions and radios from 52 African states.

11 Feb 2022 13:38