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Grey launches Sensodyne 'Moments' global campaign

In a refreshing change from the clinical approach of past campaigns, the new Sensodyne 'Moments' campaign targets sensitivity sufferers with a simple, yet effective message - 'Life's too short for sensitivity'.
Grey launches Sensodyne 'Moments' global campaign

And with a modernised look and feel, updated logo, and new packaging, the brand is truly differentiating itself while remaining relevant to modern consumers.

Many people who experience tooth sensitivity have developed coping mechanisms to try and ‘manage’ the condition. They eat carefully and sometimes completely avoid foods that trigger their sensitivity. “That’s the insight that led to the creation of this global campaign,” explains TJ Njozela, creative director at Grey Advertising South Africa. “Every day, South Africans don’t get to enjoy food or drink because of sensitivity, by introducing this campaign to our market we’ll let South Africans know that they can enjoy every moment that matters without worrying about sensitivity, thanks to Sensodyne.”

Grey launches Sensodyne 'Moments' global campaign

Symptoms of tooth sensitivity include discomfort that is triggered by food and drinks that are cold, hot, sweet, or sour. Because of this, people miss out on simple pleasures like ice cream, or a steaming cup of coffee and even treats for dessert to indulge their sweet tooth. With Sensodyne, there’s nothing to miss out and everyone can enjoy a life free from sensitivity. These were the insights shared globally in this global campaign for Sensodyne.

“The campaign ‘Life’s too short for sensitivity!’ aims to show people that Sensodyne helps to relieve the discomfort caused by sensitive teeth, so they never have to miss out on those moments that matter. Life’s too short for melted ice cream and cold steak. Life’s too short for warm champagne. Life is too short for sensitivity,” adds Babalwa Makuluma, Grey BUD.

Grey launches Sensodyne 'Moments' global campaign

Working on a global campaign that realigns a famous product with a new image, not branding, is exciting for the Grey Africa team. Our shared insights and experience in Sensodyne’s marketing field has long been established since we’ve had the prestigious GSK account. “The feedback has been positive, both from the client side and the public, sales have increased since the new launch, proving society’s less interested in clinical messaging and more interested in relatable issues, and sadly, tooth ache is part of our lives, every single one of us at one stage,” concludes TJ Njozela.


BUD: Babalwa Makuluma
AE: Dimpho Sesinyi
CCO: Fran Luckin
ECD: Glenn Jeffrey
CD: TJ Njozela
Digital CD: Jeanette Grove
Copywriters: Motshewa Khaiyane/Laura Maggs
Art Director: Dustin Sinclair
Social Media Manager:
Anathi Khumalo
DTP: Edward Herridge
Multimedia Designer: Caroline Anthony

3 Dec 2021 13:02