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Camera-call ready? Here's how to hit that target!

We're now truly in the working age of the digital meet. Call it Covid-19, call it #WFH, call it a smarter commute, but got a device and the right apps and you're good to go. Or are you? Unfortunately what this digital phenomenon has highlighted are skin concerns. From aging areas to a tired and dull looking complexion, the laptop camera isn't known to be your face's BFF. And sure, there's makeup to boost glow or add colour to washed-out skin, but long-term treatment means proper skin care. And the best and most sustainable method is non-invasive therapy.
Camera-call ready? Here's how to hit that target!

What is non-invasive treatment?

Want to look and feel better, boosting your skin’s health, condition and appearance with little to no downtime? Without surgery, non-invasive therapy means you can. Guided by our expert medical aesthetic doctors at Skin Renewal, the focus is on targeted care or combined-treatments-in-one for powerful results. Skin Renewal’s team will factor in underlaying issues like your intrinsic health, and how your skin can be looked after from the inside out.

Ready, set? Go!

Aware of what you’d like cared for? If your time on camera has shown up deep under-eye circles or acne scarring that you’ve never been able to manage, know that targeted treatment starts with consulting the skin doctors! They have the expertise to advise you that the “miracle” cream you’ve been using just isn’t going to cut for acne ice pick scars, and your money may be better spent on hyaluronic dermal fillers instead.

Doctor, doctor!

Know there’s something amiss with your skin, but can’t quite put your finger on it? Perhaps that person staring back at you looks like you but doesn’t feel like you? It could be – unfortunately and inevitably – an aging issue. And this is where consulting with a medical aesthetic doctor before you do anything drastic will really help. If you’re not quite sure of the targeted treatment you need, let them guide you. Perhaps it’s time for injectables like Botox to help with issues like glabellar lines from squinting at your screen. Other digital-specific issues like hyperpigmentation – thanks to the effect of blue light on the skin – can be diagnosed by your doctor. Targeted treatment for this needs to be tailored to individual needs; in other words, would a medical peel over laser and light therapy be best? Your go-to may be a gentle Radiance Peel but for others, smart solutions for some lie in LimeLight™ IPL.

While we know the virtual workspace – and all the online connection that goes with it – ain’t going nowhere, there’s no reason you can’t present the best version of you onscreen. With insightful help from the Skin Renewal team, your best face will always take you forward.

26 Nov 2021 15:49