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Mediclinic Southern Africa partners with Icon Oncology to offer a first in Oncology

Cape Town, 24 March 2021: Leading value-based care (VBC) business, Icon Oncology and Mediclinic Southern Africa, today announced a first in South Africa partnership that aims to deliver seamless one-stop oncology services at a new flagship treatment facility based at Mediclinic Constantiaberg in Cape Town.
Mediclinic Southern Africa partners with Icon Oncology to offer a first in Oncology

The partnership was announced by Icon Oncology CEO, Anthony Pedersen and Mediclinic Southern Africa CEO, Koert Pretorius, at a site inspection at Mediclinic Constantiaberg. The vision for this ‘one stop’ centre of care is to create a seamless patient experience, while delivering expertise across this continuum of care. As leaders across the industry Mediclinic and Icon Oncology have collaborated to deliver this industry first.

Construction of the new R45 million, oncology unit is nearing completion with the chemotherapy treatment facility and consulting practitioner suites set to be commissioned in early April this year.

According to Pedersen the oncology centre includes radiation therapy and full-service chemotherapy services, which will deliver an integrated patient experience. The new unit includes a multi-million Rand investment in a stereotactic enabled, Varian Truebeam LINAC, ensuring that patients can access the best possible radiation therapy technology and treatment within a single venue.

“Icon Oncology has pioneered the adoption of value-based-care in oncology in South Africa and this partnership strengthens Mediclinic’s commitment to expanding our continuum of care for our patients. For many years, we have been focused on how to practically broaden access to the continuum of care, because it speaks to getting the right care at the right time, while providing value through better outcomes and patient experience. We are 100% aligned in our vision to deliver a seamless patient journey to an increasing number of patients,” says Pretorius.

“This unit is a key milestone for Icon Oncology and the new full-service chemotherapy offering will allow us to do what we do best - which is to reduce wastage in the treatment process to bring patients the best quality and most effective care at the most affordable price,” says Pedersen.
A cancer journey can span many years and can include treatment from surgeons, oncologists, radiologists, pathologists and other specialists. Icon Oncology, Mediclinic and associated doctors will bring together multidisciplinary teams to consider each case, and to decide on a coordinated and clear course of treatment.

Cancer patients will be able to consult and receive expert care from the team of clinical and radiation oncologist who are already established at the hospital. According to Pedersen the integrated oncology unit will set a new benchmark; “Often the patient journey is fragmented, which can be confusing for our patients. We are now able to offer a truly multi-disciplinary service, taking the holistic needs of our patients into account. This includes access to a dedicated social worker who will look after the practical and emotional wellbeing of our patients.”

Icon Oncology and Mediclinic have collaborated to ensure a seamless patient experience. “A patient who embarks on a cancer recovery treatment plan requires a range of experts,” says Pedersen. That journey may start with their general practitioner, who may refer them to a surgeon for a biopsy, for example. They may need an oncologist and radiologist, further surgery, and courses of chemotherapy or radiotherapy. If those consultations and treatments are uncoordinated, they can be inefficient,” he says. This service offering brings the patient back to the same point of care for each stage of treatment.

“When the process is not integrated, the patient is at risk of wasting money on repeated tests, and wasting time they may not have. If you can streamline that process, by bringing together experts and interactions under one roof and with one goal in mind, you can improve their experience, control costs and improve the quality and efficiency of their care,” explains Pedersen.

“It is our shared vision to create more of these one-stop oncology centres, such as the one hosted at Mediclinic Constantiaberg, in areas where these facilities are most needed. We look forward to doing so with Mediclinic and believe our continued partnership will ensure more patients can receive the right care, at the right time and at the right price”, says Pedersen.

24 Mar 2021 14:24