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2-in-1 advertising solution in Dis-Chem Pharmacies countrywide

At least 30% of all Dis-Chem Pharmacy shoppers go in-store to utilise the services provided by the pharmacy.
2-in-1 advertising solution in Dis-Chem Pharmacies countrywide

In-store advertising innovator Smart Media’s new arch solution is situated in the dispensary waiting area in 50 selected Dis-Chem stores across the country. The best part of this two-in-one solution is that the actual product is placed directly above the advertisement poster of the same product. This creates an immediate call-to-action for shoppers seated in the pharmacy waiting area.

“Queuing time is prime time for brands to capture the attention and make an impression on shoppers. An educational call-to-action is the most effective in this area where you have a captive audience with little else to do during their dwell time, increasing the opportunity to see the product and having it an arm’s reach away,” says Cecil Ungerer, chief sales officer at Smart Media.

The double-sided poster not only educates and informs customers who are waiting in the queue, but also the healthcare professionals behind the dispensary counter.

The high-quality fabric frame arches are strategically placed on every second queuing rail arch to create maximum brand exposure. The arches are guaranteed to increase brand and product exposure in-store.

On average, there are four to five arches available in each of the stores, ideal for multiple brands to advertise or for a single brand to place multiple products. Be seen with Smart Media!

About Smart Media

Established in 2004, Smart Media is an in-store innovator that provides South African retailers with 360° solutions designed to entrench brand loyalty with shoppers. It delivers integrated in-store advertising offerings that encompass every step of the shopper journey.

Smart Media inspires confidence with retailers through innovation in the in-store media space as it continuously looks for new ways to create magical moments between a brand and its customers. Designed to educate the customer and drive sales, the Smart Media in-store advertising value proposition keeps brands top of mind in an increasingly competitive market.

13 Aug 2021 10:50