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Listeners take charge of Smile 90.4FM

Listeners are taking charge by introducing their friends to 'Make the Switch to Smile 90.4FM' and win R10,000. All you have to do is Whatsapp 'Switch' and your friends name and number to 082 9904 904.
Listeners take charge of Smile 90.4FM

Radio stations traditionally talk to their listeners. Smile 90.4FM, however, has done things differently.

They reached out to their listeners to ask:

  • How have your lives changed?
  • What are your expectations?
  • How can Smile 90.4FM be better for you?

Listeners wanted more of their favourite music, songs to sing along to, an entertaining breakfast show, news that impacts their lives and more chances to win more prizes.

Not only did Smile 90.4FM listen, it also acted by making five fundamental improvements namely:

  1. 50 minutes of non-stop music every hour (weekdays 9am–3pm)
  2. Guaranteeing 20% more fun and entertainment in Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy
  3. More of the songs listeners love and sing along to
  4. All the news you need to know now, every hour and on all social media
  5. Winning made easier, more prizes and more winners

“A great radio station is one that listens to its audience and Smile 90.4FM has done just that. We have remained innovative and implemented these changes to make an even better station for Cape Town,” said programme manager Naveen Singh.

“In this ever-changing environment we live in, the only constant is change. The need to be innovative and creative and constantly exceed our listeners’ expectations is paramount,” said Smile 90.4FM managing director Lois O’Brien.

Smile 90.4FM made better by you.

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About Smile 90.4FM:

Smile 90.4FM is a bilingual, adult contemporary radio station, broadcasting to the Cape Town metropolitan area on 90.4 FM and digitally on the Smile 90.4FM App and

We ensure companionship, comfort and delight, and provide moments of escapism through our daily on-air offerings.

Smile 90.4FM delivers on its music positioning of ‘better music and more of it’ by playing familiar, bright and sing-along hits from the ‘80s to now. Artists include Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Mariah Carey, Beyonce, Maroon 5, Ed Sheeran, Bruno Mars and John Legend – all your favourite songs are on Smile 90.4FM. The R10,000 No Repeat Workday Guarantee ensures we play the widest variety and the best soundtrack to your workday.

Cape Town wakes up to our flagship show, Smile Breakfast with Bobby and Lindy, with its signature competition, Smile Secret Sound, plus engaging conversations, relevant information and the latest traffic news every 15 minutes.

News that Cape Town Needs to Know Now, every hour on-the-hour from 6am to 7pm, keeps Cape Town in touch with the news of the day that impacts them.

Promotions and competitions on Smile 90.4FM are driven by innovation and creativity – like our award-winning R2m campaign (SA Radio Award Winner 2020 - Multi-Channel Promotion category), Live Inside and Win the Ride; and our various Smile-In-Action initiatives, which play an important role in assisting and helping our audience through community-based projects.

Our listeners:

All 189,000 of our listeners are clearly giving us the thumbs up:

  • They are loyal and engaging with 65% listening exclusively to Smile 90.4FM

  • Our listeners, on average, listen for one hour and 49 minutes per day

  • 39% engage with us on Facebook

  • 84% of our listeners are in the SEM eight to 10 category; 78% in the LSM nine to 10 category

  • 39% English, 58% Afrikaans

  • 72% age 35+ years

17 May 2021 10:49