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V5 Digital launches WhatsApp Enterprise Bots - for use by customers in Namibia and beyond

WhatsApp Enterprise coming to Namibia is a big deal for brands. But why all the hoopla? First of all, we need to get some clarity on the difference between WhatsApp, WhatsApp Business and WhatsApp Enterprise. We all know regular WhatsApp - it is the juggernaut of messaging platforms used by the majority of Namibians. The average Namibian checks their WhatsApp a few times every hour, as it's the platform they love and trust.

One rung up from that is WhatsApp Business. It’s a standalone app that allows small businesses to communicate with their customers. The app allows clients to view the businesses profile to see details like opening hours, the product catalogue, website links and more. Automated messaging caters for away messages (when someone from the business can’t reply for a period of time) and a welcome message when a consumer first lands on the line. Instant Replies is a feature that saves business owners time because they can pre-program answers to FAQs to avoid having to write out the same response over and over again.

The downside is that WhatsApp Business is great for small businesses, it is, however, limited and can cause problems for larger corporations. This is because it still relies on manual, human-powered messaging and you can only broadcast to lists of 256 customers at a time. This is where WhatsApp Enterprise comes in. It’s the solution designed for companies that need to communicate with customers at scale. It enables AI-powered messaging to up to 100,000 customers at once.

The applications are myriad: from saving companies time and money on customer service, to creating engaging campaigns for customers to send in their videos and voice-notes. Consumers can use your WhatsApp Enterprise line to check their account balance, make bookings, participate in your loyalty programme, set reminders, fill out a form, enter a competition, download a brochure or receive a product voucher. The functionality of WhatsApp is right at your fingertips, so you can get customers to drop their location pin to find your nearest store – and then ping them back with directions on Google Maps.

Internationally many businesses have seen massive successes with WhatsApp Enterprise because customers love the experience of getting up close and personal with their favourite brands on their favourite messaging platform.

Hellman’s Mayonnaise used a WhatsApp chatbot to engage with over 13,000 consumers who received recipes from the bot based on what was in their fridge. Absolut Vodka concocted a chatbot called Sven, who consumers had to persuade however possible to give them tickets to an exclusive Absolut party – generating massive buzz and earned media for the brand. South Africa’s Standard Bank launched a WhatsApp chatbot to keep customers informed around its services during Covid-19.

Sound daunting and overly technical?

Don’t worry, V5 Digital is the leading provider of chatbots in Namibia. The first enterprise grade Facebook Messenger Chatbot in Namibia was built by V5 Digital for Bank Windhoek. Kosmos FM’s highly engaging chatbot was the first of its kind in Afrikaans in Namibia. The pioneering full service digital marketing agency also built bots for Entrepo Finance and NHP, enhancing the customer experience of these two established brands.

Still sounds daunting? V5 Digital works with you to build the chatbot that embodies your businesses personality and helps achieve your business objectives. What you should worry about is missing the opportunity to get ahead of your competitors in the WhatsApp space.

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6 Jul 2020 09:10