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Understanding rewards-based marketing

TLC Marketing Worldwide, a rewards-based company established in 1954, is premised on two core principles, namely that brands should add value rather than discounting and that added value should reward everyone. With increasingly fierce competition and the constant founding of new brands and stronger customer experiences, it is no longer sufficient for a business to simply advertise to sell a product or service. Brand preference and loyalty needs to be established to ensure consistent engagement, increased sales, referrals, and improved customer retention. With TLC, this is done through adding value at no additional cost to clients or their customers and/or consumers.
Understanding rewards-based marketing

“At TLC we build strategic alliances with businesses who offer high-value and experience-led products and services which then get translated into guaranteed digital rewards. These rewards are then attached as a value-add to the purchase of our clients’ products or services,” say MEA Agency Director, Saira Abrahams.

The Middle East and Africa region, for example, currently comprises more than 5,000 partners making up seven networks: Wellness, Travel, Activities, Entertainment, Dining, Services, and Learning. The benefit of the vastness of our partnership solutions enables customised, themed and bespoke reward combinations to meet any business, sales or marketing objective across industries.

The significance of the flexibility which our arsenal of partners allows becomes particularly evident through the prompt development of our At Home Network. A great combination of online educational, entertaining and wellness activities to be enjoyed in the safety and comfort of the home. This network, along with the temporary, lockdown-specific zero-rated agency fees and absorbed development cost, was successfully integrated into three existing client campaigns: one staff incentive and two customer reward. These campaigns were rolled out in the financial services sector (Nedbank South Africa), QSR sector (McDonald's South Africa) and FMCG sector (Al Marai UAE) during the first two weeks of the South Africa lockdown and Middle Eastern Sterilisation Programme. This type of quick turnaround solution stems from TLC MEA’s strict bi-quarterly prescription training of sales and client service staff.

TLC MEA CEO, Preneshen Munian, adds, “My teams are adept in assessing current or prospective clients’ business needs, diagnosing the main challenges in the present and forecasted period, and prescribing appropriate solutions to remedy the problem. Additionally, through the business model we adopt along with our mutually beneficial partnership networks, both nationally and internationally, our prices are exceptionally competitive. We utilise our buying power and distinctive commercial model to enable our clients to pay a fraction of the value for each of the activities or experiences we sell. This exponentially increases client investment and makes up our 1+1=20 practice; offering much higher value compared to our clients marketing budget.”

For an integrated strategy solution applicable to your industry and audience, or one of our successful case studies, contact TLC MEA – a partner during all business cycles.

18 May 2020 12:36