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Staying home, a rewarding strategy

At TLC Marketing our main objective is to ensure that we provide our clients with high-value, experience-led rewards under any circumstance. Impressively, our USP, comprising 6,000 dynamic partnerships, allows for instant adaptability which achieves previously-agreed to sales and marketing objectives, even mid-campaign.
Staying home, a rewarding strategy

Introducing the Stay Home Network, which includes our National Online, Entertainment, Dining, Service, Learning and Wellness Networks. With incredible and appealing rewards such as virtual classes, online shopping, food delivery services, gaming, movie streaming, craft and wellness partners, perfect for the home-body economy. This comprehensive and guilt-free solution caters to both adults and children. Attempting to make a stressful situation, for consumers, more enjoyable by offering interesting home-based activities and experiences to their abundant and unexpected free time. While also maintaining, and quite possibly improving, brand engagement and sales for our clients during a time when everyone expects the worst.

“We can choose to read all the negativity and lose hope or find the opportunity to step into the newness that 2020 will bring. So many lessons are being learnt and we will never be the same again! A shift is coming. At TLC we choose to innovate and survive. Our new product network provides customers with rewards at home, with the home becoming the new multipurpose arena where you can work, learn and play!” says Preneshen Munian, TLC MEA CEO.

This offering perfectly caters to clientele ranging from e-commerce, FMCG, pharmaceuticals, quick serving restaurants as well as casual dining restaurants, subscription services, gamification and broad industry-based staff incentives where everybody wins. We literally reward everyone who participates in a promotion. The high-value rewards offered is based on analysis into what drives consumer behaviour. Now central to the analysis of consumer behaviour is how consumers respond to the novel coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, across markets. Identifying and catering to the phases of national epidemic prevention measures with the corresponding consumer spending patterns.

The long-term prediction from the MEA Insights and Strategy team based on their global research indicates that when everything is back to normal and children are back at school, there will be two main threads of consumer behaviour. The first will be those who have had a bad case of cabin fever, cooped up in the apartment. This group will embrace the newfound freedom – dining out, travelling, and being more social than ever. The other group will be those who have become more connected to and content with their homes: cooking, family time, in-home fitness regimes, etc. These consumers will spend more on making their homes special, purchasing new smart appliances, furniture and even art. Overall people will be more focused on hygiene practices.

With a strong strategy, abundant and attractive rewards and clients who have incredibly appealing offerings in their own right we are looking forward to reporting on the results of campaigns using our Stay Home Network during this time and moving forward.

19 Mar 2020 12:13