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Offlimit Communications smashes final quarter

No slowing down for agency in 2019
Garon Bloom, Lisa Cohen Alton and Jerome Cohen
Garon Bloom, Lisa Cohen Alton and Jerome Cohen

Following a record-breaking start for the award-winning agency, Offlimit Communications has continued its resounding growth trajectory throughout 2019.

As a believer in the consistent development of self, Offlimit Communications CEO Jerome Cohen, has a rich history in entrepreneurship and business development. Offlimit, a full-service experiential agency, has grown from strength to strength over the last decade attracting the attention of sought after clients and some of the country’s top industry talent.

Offlimit Communications’ end goal is to provide customised brands interaction and integrations through experiences that leave customers with lasting, positive brand impressions.

Navigating through tough economic climates in South Africa, the revered agency has managed to consistently grow, employing and growing the staff complement at an exponential rate.

Today Offlimit has worked up the ranks to become one of Africa’s top experiential agencies and industry leaders measured by growth in talent, but in its’ business offering, African footprint and volume of business from clients. 2019 has seen continued success for the agency with the retention of valued partners and some new blue-chip wins.

"The X Factor in business is the ability to find a new way to add intangible value - value that goes beyond what anybody can really measure. It’s the ability to find a way to do more for your customers than absolutely anybody else and to consistently maintain that standard" - Tony Robbins.

The secret, explains J Cohen, lies in many contributing factors such as having a deliberate focus on getting the right people on board, creating and maintaining the right agency culture, having a strategic and aggressive business development approach, expanding the value chain and fostering true partnerships with valued clients.

According to J Cohen the modus operandis at the agency is to go from “problem to solution to change”, which involves knowing what one’s customer wants and fears the most. Once the pain points and frustrations are identified a businesses’ value proposition equates to ‘certainty of success’.

“In the end, what every business wants, is to have ‘raving fans’ but it starts with your people, they have to be the no1 priority and nothing else.”

“Developing an entrepreneurial mindset you always have to find a solve. As a business we overcame in the worst economic time in South Africa and learnt that with every issue or problem comes opportunity- it’s about the threshold of control and how you manage to expand on it. It’s also imperative to identify the businesses’ chokehold- usually linked to “the psychology which is 80% of any successful business and 20% is skills.”

Another contributor being the implementation of coaching and mentoring fostering ongoing positive transformation. Offlimit also introduced the “infinite mindset” to the organisation, which is less about looking at the leaderboard as it is looking at how to advance, innovate and anticipate- knowing that no1 does not exist and as such should not be the goal post in business.

“Creating a constant positive growth through and with the people of the organisation will always be the priority. Prioritising and leaning towards people is key to eventually meet financial goals. To do so we all have to be aligned with key strategic direction to create the right momentum that leads to raising our standard and a sense of growth. We need to use our business to grow ourselves as well as making an impact on people around us and beyond”.

Watch the Offlimit Communications manifesto here:

15 Nov 2019 13:00