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New look. New website. Offlimit looks to the future

After more than a decade as South Africa's premier experiential agency, Offlimit Communications has decided it's time for a brand-new look.

The change is more than visual - the agency will also rebrand as OLC (Offlimit Communications).

Creative Director Mark van den Heever says brands have to fight for eyeball real estate more than ever before. This has led to the three-letter typographic number as the new logo in a new bright colour palette which speaks to the agency’s payoff line, “Clear. Bright. Loud. Forward.”

The agency’s brand-new website is a real assault on the senses, positioning OLC as the quintessential experiential agency in Africa.

“We pride ourselves on clear strategic direction, bright creative solutions, loud executions that generate buzz and a forward-thinking, "live-in-the-next" mindset. And if our colours look vaguely similar to the new Instagram identity - we got there first!” says Van den Heever.

Over the past 12 years, OLC has taken the lead as an award-winning BTL//Experiential agency with a genuine 360º offering. Small in stature, but big in execution, OLC leads the way in creating ownable, long-term activation assets through strong creative and strategy. This will all clearly feature on the new website creating very insightful content.

"I want people to see a reflection of our agency culture when they browse our website, as they would if they stepped into our world by working with our team. a very talented, agile and solution driven team that form our core 'maverick'-type culture. We're constantly pushing ourselves to deliver excellence and ensure top delivery as we now, 12 years later, master the experiential space,” says OLC MD Jerome Cohen.

The new OLC website will also be a portal for global experiential best practice. Cohen and his team will cherry-pick the best work making waves internationally.

“We want our clients to be exposed to the very freshest thinking, so that they'll be brave enough to not just do the tried and tested but also push into a more innovative space.”

For more information or comment contact:

Belinda Belseck
Communications Director
Offlimit Communications
[c]: 082 850 7639
[e]: az.oc.timilffo@adnileb

13 Jul 2016 10:03