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Help! No one is listening!

In a world that is getting smaller in direct proportion to technology that is expanding, how do you manage to reach your audience? Times have changed, paradigms have shifted and media is consistently evolving.
Help! No one is listening!

In the good old days you could easily map your stakeholders and determine which messages and media will be used to communicate with these various stakeholders. But alas, the plot has changed - with red flags waving about and loud sirens piercing your ears - this old faithful traditional method can no longer be relied upon. Ok, now that we have your attention (because you're still practicing this, right?), let us tell you how to get the ball out of your court.

So while we're not saying that the prehistoric methods are no longer effective, we're saying it's no longer effective if that is the only strategy you're following. And here's the plot twist - people choose and subscribe to the information they want. Essentially, your strategy needs to be thorough in researching what the audience wants, and not necessarily what you want them to know. So what does this mean?

Help! No one is listening!

Firstly, you need to analyse your audience - a comprehensive review of who they are, what they like, how old they are, where they live, who their GP is and their mom's maiden name, and righto - you've got insights and intelligence to shape a communication strategy that will have your audience eating out of your hands.

Help! No one is listening!

There are loose ends to this article, for sure, but the key is integration. Integrate comprehensive research into the needs of your audience and shape your marketing and communication strategies around content your audience expects and wants. To reach an audience in a world cluttered with too many brands, you need to really get your hands dirty in getting the foundation right. Respond to the needs of your consumers, and allow them to tell you exactly what they want.

The how can be a bit tricky if this is not your forte. Luckily, FusionDesign has a team of strategists with many years of experience to help you every step of the way. As an integrated brand agency, we specialise in creating and implementing strategies that delivers upon your organisational goals. Call Carmen on 021 551 1022 or email ngisednoisuf@nemraC to setup a consultation to discuss your needs.

Clients include Groot Constantia Estate, Buccaneers School Shoes, City Sightseeing South Africa, PPECB, PetroSA, Wyzetalk, RSA Group and Bidvest.

17 Sep 2014 11:56