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Let's celebrate!

Propelair, together with our largest customer, the Redefine Group who create and manage spaces in ways that change lives, has raked in the first prize in the SAFMA awards ceremony held last night at Zebula Golf Estate situated in Limpopo, South Africa.
Let's celebrate!

Being the winner within the ‘Technology Implementation’ category, we now jointly qualify to participate in the Global Facilities Management Awards that will take place on Wednesday evening, 10 May 2023. This award category focused on companies that has successfully integrated technology into its infrastructure and core services to streamline and enhance their offering and thereby reduce cost through sustainable and ground-breaking innovations.

‘Competing on this level showcase our commitment to our environment and our core business objective of reducing water consumption, globally’, states Caren Botha, General Manager, Propelair South Africa.

Let's celebrate!

We are also proud to have had the opportunity to support the stakeholders in our industry by being a platinum sponsor of the South African Facilities Management Association and this award ceremony.

Let's celebrate!

“As part of our Environmental, Social and Governance drive and objective of reducing water consumption, we have 139 of our buildings already certified under the Green Building Performance Tool. We have installed 1300 Propelair toilets and aim to install approximately 3000 units by the end of 2023. These toilets are really amazing, it only uses 1.5lt of water to flush in comparison to the traditional 6lt to 9lt. This means that we have saved between 30% and 50% of water consumed on common areas which amounts to millions of liters.”, states Redefine.

Let's celebrate!

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Propelair is an international, London-based cleantech company that produces one of the world's lowest water-flush toilets. Our innovation replaces 9lt of water with a 60lt of air to achieve an 84% water saving, per flush. We positively contribute and enable our global customers across the healthcare, manufacturing, retail, education, transport, commercial and industrial markets to change the way the world consumes water. | | +44 1268 548322 (UK) | +27 83 273 5711 (SA) | +971 56 737 4712 (GCC)

11 May 2023 16:27