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#AfricaMonth: Tech lessons from DevConf 2023

DevConf 2023 in Cape Town and Pretoria was a success.

For BET Software, it was a chance to showcase the company’s brand and to strengthen its presence in the market. The conference also provided a wealth of knowledge through thought-provoking sessions, engaging workshops, and valuable networking opportunities.

BET Software’s Grant Meldrum congratulates a lucky winner at DevConf.
BET Software’s Grant Meldrum congratulates a lucky winner at DevConf.

Grant Meldrum, national business development executive at BET Software, shares some takeaway tech lessons from DevConf.

  1. Describe DevConf 2023 in one word?


  2. Is there one session or talk that stood out for you and why?

    The session by Johan Olivier, titled: “A Developer’s Odyssey To Overcoming Fear, Anxiety And Burnout”. While most of the sessions that I attended concentrated on how to improve and maximise technical ability, Johan's session focused on the importance of developing non-technical skills such as EQ, organisational behavior, mentorship and leadership skills. These lessons are critical to the successful career paths of all developers to help reduce fear, anxiety and burnout.

  3. What are three key takeaway tech lessons from the conference?

    Firstly, that South African universities are not doing enough to promote and support technology development studies to students, which could adversely affect the building of technology companies in the future. Secondly, that business success is dependent on understanding and using big data. And lastly, that companies which have high-performing technology departments are generally market leaders, have higher ROI, are more robust during economic cycles and have higher employee retention than those that don’t.

    BET Software had a popular stand at DevConf.
    BET Software had a popular stand at DevConf.

  4. BET Software was a silver sponsor this year, and your booth was incredibly popular. What kind of impact did the company want to make, and did you achieve this?

    Our booth attracted the highest traffic and interest at both the Pretoria and CPT conventions, due to interactive elements such as spin-and-win, our prize giveaways, BET developer interface with our team members and other developers. This helped to increase awareness of the BET Software brand and helped with the collection of potential developer candidates’ details that could lead to them considering BET Software as a future employer.

  5. DevConf’s tagline is solving today and tomorrow’s software development challenges. After attending the conference, can you share one solid tip on how to practically do this?

    I would suggest that the organisers arrange more panel discussions around various developer issues and challenges and invite industry leaders to discuss and debate these issues to help to truly fulfil this positioning.

  6. DevConf in PTA was on 25 May, which is Africa Day. Why is it important for BET Software to continue growing its footprint on the continent?

    BET Software can help to locate, develop and train developers across the continent to ensure employment, economic upliftment, as well as the development and success of numerous partner companies and associated businesses.

  7. BET Software is fueled by a spirit of invention. Almost a month into your new position, what excites you most about this journey ahead?

    That nothing is impossible, and the sky is the limit!

31 May 2023 18:54