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Safripol announces bottle-to-bottle product

The annual Safripol Sustainability Conference is being held at the Sandown Hilton from 15-16 March 2023. Thought leaders, captains of industry, and EEHs (Everyday Environmental Heroes) will discuss 'circularity' and climate impact within the theme 'Let's plastic responsibly'.

It seems that Safripol has already put some words into action. Safripol CEO, Nico Van Niekerk says “To support a local plastic circular economy, we have launched our recycled polymer portfolio, and are excited to bring to market our first rPET product Aspirer, with post-consumer resin in FY 2023”.

The new product is a gamechanger for South African recycling, bringing Safripol closer to achieving the sustainability goals they set themselves to reach by 2025. It is a giant leap forward in the creation of a true local plastic circular economy.

Safripol announces bottle-to-bottle product

The product offers between 15% and 25% rPET polymer resin for the manufacture of plastic packaging, especially plastic bottles, as a one-bag solution for Safripol customers. The South African Waste Act stipulates that 12.5% must be used, so this solution helps Safripol and manufacturers go beyond compliance.

It will help increase the awareness of the value of plastic waste and therefore help with the drive for more and more recycling. The ultimate value though is a significant reduction in the South African plastics industry’s carbon footprint.

14 Mar 2023 09:01