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PG Bison launches trendy new range of colours at its Road Show

PG Bison, the proudly South African company that aims to inspire and enable beautiful living spaces with its range of locally manufactured decorative wood-based panel products, is currently touring South Africa to launch the latest additions to its range.
PG Bison launches trendy new range of colours at its Road Show

PG Bison will spend the first four months of the year visiting cities across South Africa to introduce the new designs and colours to customers, partners and media. After that, the tour will move into the SADC regions.

Jason Wells, brand and marketing manager at PG Bison explains the product launch, titled Gallery 4, revolves around the concept of “Expressions”, with the tagline “Beautiful spaces speak”. “They speak to us; they speak about us; they tell the story of the people who live in those spaces,” he says. “Really, they are expressions of us.”

This reflects the brand’s journey, moving from a focus on its manufacturing capabilities, to that of inspiring and enabling beautiful spaces. “Beautiful living spaces are where people make lasting memories,” says Wells. “That’s our full purpose at PG Bison – to help people to create those spaces.”

An opportunity to reconnect

Gallery 4 follows on from Gallery 3, launched in 2020, during the height of Covid-19. Wells says that while PG Bison worked hard to deliver the 2020 product launch digitally, Gallery 4 is a welcome return to spending time with customers in each region of the country, face-to-face. It’s also easier for people to get a true sense of the product when they are able to see and touch it, rather than merely seeing a digital representation of it on a screen.

As with its previous product launches, PG Bison has spent months developing Gallery 4, starting by identifying global and local trends, and then adapting them to best fit the needs of the South African market.

PG Bison launches trendy new range of colours at its Road Show
PG Bison launches trendy new range of colours at its Road Show

The four Expressions themes

“The designs and colours we choose for ourselves in our living spaces are driven by macro trends. The selection of our new designs for the range does not happen in isolation but is informed by these trends. To understand the macro trends that influence the range, we use themes or chapters to tell each story,” says Wells.

The first trend, ‘chasing adrenaline’ speaks to the convergence of the physical and digital world. Always online and connected, lines have blurred between living and working spaces, especially since Covid-19, influencing the way people think about and design spaces.

The second trend, ‘a love of change’ revolves around hybridisation. “It’s about the sharing of everything – shared spaces, repurposing of spaces, hybrid working models and multi-use furniture,” says Wells.

‘In search of balance’ is the third Expressions trend, referencing a global embracing of wellness, healthy living, balance, mindfulness and organic products that acts as a counterpoint to the “always connected” lifestyle.

The final trend under Expressions is ‘handle with care’, which relates to sustainability and the global movement towards being more environmentally friendly and more conscious consumerism. This also taps into the idea of “nesting”, spending more time at home and nurturing one’s own spaces.

More to come

Wells says the PG Bison team is looking forward to connecting with customers, partners and media throughout the country, and then beyond South Africa’s borders. “We always enjoy the opportunity to connect with people, share what we’ve learned about changing market trends, and help to inspire our industry with fresh innovations and ideas,” he says.

The new Gallery 4 designs and colours can also be viewed on the PG Bison website.

16 Feb 2023 13:13