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Exposed: This SA ERP claims it is the most comprehensive ERP solution

Today, companies need sophisticated systems to manage and integrate their various processes seamlessly in a fast-paced, competitive environment. This is where enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems play a pivotal role.
Exposed: This SA ERP claims it is the most comprehensive ERP solution

As a quick overview, the benefits of ERP are practically endless. They enable businesses to streamline their operations, enhance productivity, and achieve optimal efficiency.

However, not all ERP systems are made equal.

“Our biggest compliment we get,” says Anton Oosthuizen, commercial director of QuickEasy BOS Software, a local ERP that has streamlined South African businesses for over 20 years, “is that BOS is the most comprehensive ERP system our clients have found.”

We decided to explore this a little further and see if this is the case.

First, what’s the big deal about ERP systems?

The digital age rapidly marches on, leaving in its path a slew of companies who have not been able to - or interested in - adopting digital transformation. While much has been written about ERP systems, and how they can streamline operations in all industries and business sectors, as an overview, here is why ERP systems are critical for business growth and sustainability.

ERP systems are the ideal platform for companies to centralise their data and automate key processes. This unification of data gives decision-makers a holistic view of operations in real-time, and a sense of business health over time.

Additionally, ERP systems simplify operations. Data silos are eliminated, mundane, repetitive tasks are automated, and communications between departments are enhanced.

Would a unified ERP solution like QuickEasy BOS optimise business processes, improve productivity, and help them gain a competitive edge? We’re here to find out.

Distinctive features of QuickEasy BOS

QuickEasy BOS Software offers a wide range of distinctive features that make it a comprehensive ERP solution for businesses of all sizes and industries:

Every. Single. Module. Seriously.

So, here’s the deal: modular is nothing new, nor is it terribly exciting when it comes to ERP. So why have we started with that?

Well, there are a lot of ERP systems out there that offer individual modules to suit your needs. Want accounting functionality? No problem. Purchase the Finance module. Need production management? Here is our manufacturing module.

But this is what we found that is worth highlighting straight off the bat: QuickEasy BOS is designed with a modular structure that caters to each operational need, but everything - and we mean everything - is included in each ERP subscription. That’s pretty mind-blowing.

From finance and accounting to inventory management, sales, customer relationship management (CRM), production management, time tracking, NCR and reports, QuickEasy BOS stands apart from the rest in that it is pre-packaged to meet the entire business’s needs, down to department and designation level.

No extra add-ons or costs required. That’s pretty distinctive.

Digital delivery

With online orders and deliveries a must-have for companies nowadays, the delivery note - with data such as invoice number, product information, and most importantly customer signature - is crucial.

While digital delivery notes are nothing new, what we found to be pretty distinctive is how QuickEasy BOS integrates the delivery notes with the rest of the ERP.

That means everything from quotation to production to billing to delivery, is all integrated, automated, and paper-free! We love that.

Enhanced security measures

Cybercrime, data hacks, privacy leaks, and security risks are a real and present danger. QuickEasy BOS Software incorporates robust security measures to protect sensitive information. It ensures data integrity, confidentiality, and availability through encryption, user access controls, audit trails, and regular backups.

This might be available with all other ERP systems, but it is really important and so we wanted to make sure QuickEasy toes the line. They do. Businesses can have peace of mind, knowing that their critical data is protected from unauthorised access and potential threats.

The most comprehensive ERP? Let’s see.

Here’s what we found when we examined QuickEasy BOS’s claim to be the most comprehensive ERP system.

  1. Seamless integration. Seamlessly integrated.

    Integration and integrated are two separate factors when it comes to ERP. One speaks to the ability to unify all business operations into one system - integrated. The other refers to the system’s capabilities of communicating with other apps and platforms - integration.

    With QuickEasy BOS ERP, you get both.

    Integrated ERP

    QuickEasy BOS offers unparalleled unification when it comes to all business data, customer data, and transaction data. This is great for your business, as it removes human error, duplication, manual data entry, and outdated information. It seamlessly integrates all core business functions, such as finance, sales, procurement, inventory, manufacturing, and human resources into one system.

    Effective system integration

    QuickEasy BOS allows for seamless integration with your important business documentation and your ERP. Through electronic data interchange (EDI) with BOS ERP, your business reduces paper-based documentation, speeds up processing, improves transmissions times, and secures greater information accuracy.

    So, you eliminate data silos and foster real-time data sharing. You achieve a holistic view of your operations, and are empowered to make informed decisions.

  2. It is astonishingly configurable and scalable

    Your business is not the same as every other business. What we found is that QuickEasy business operating system (BOS) doesn’t expect you to. It is highly configurable to meet your business’s unique needs, specific workflows, and processes, no matter what your industry.

    Moreover, it is designed to scale with business growth. It easily accommodates increased data volumes and adapts to evolving requirements. This is highly useful, considering the cost and initial disruption associated with implementation of a new ERP system. For this reason, it is vital that your ERP is flexible and intuitive enough to meet your evolving needs as you grow, so that you do not have to put your team through new implementations as you scale. QuickEasy BOS supports your growth.

  3. It really is true full-suite ERP functionality

    As we mentioned in an earlier point, you get all the modules for an entire business in QuickEasy BOS. For this reason we believe it is truly an all-in-one ERP system.

    It boasts a wide range of features and modules that cater to the diverse needs of businesses.

    From project management and resource planning to supply chain management and customer relationship management, BOS covers all essential aspects of modern enterprises. This comprehensive functionality ensures that businesses can manage their operations efficiently, minimise manual efforts, and optimise resource allocation.

  4. Real-time business intelligence and forecasting capabilities

    Some ERP systems are so complex and difficult to use, they need specialist on staff just to operate the thing.

    What we liked about QuickEasy BOS is that it is easy to harness the power of your business data to drive strategic decision-making. As the entire business’s data is on one central system, with real-time data, dashboards, and reports, BOS gives you insights that you need to stay competitive. We didn’t see the need for a single manual report, spreadsheet, or manual work when using QuickEasy for insights into key performance indicators (KPIs) and business metrics.

    What’s more, we found BOS turns your complex, fragmented data into meaningful insights that decision-makers can leverage for growth. You gain valuable visibility into your operations, are able to identify trends, detect bottlenecks, and make data-driven decisions that propel growth.

Our conclusion: QuickEasy BOS might just be SA’s most comprehensive ERP system

Well, the evidence is in and the verdict is pretty clear. QuickEasy BOS stands out as one of South Africa's most comprehensive ERP systems in the market. QuickEasy BOS offers every single module needed for efficient business operations without requiring additional add-ons or costs. The system also prioritises security measures, safeguarding sensitive information through encryption, user access controls, audit trails, and regular backups.

QuickEasy BOS excels in its ability to seamlessly integrate all core business functions into one system including project management, resource planning, supply chain management, and customer relationship management. It unifies business data, customer data, and transaction data, offering real-time business intelligence and forecasting capabilities, combined with customisable dashboards and advanced analytics.

We are very proud to acknowledge that South Africa’s own ERP system is everything it claims to be: complete business management and ERP software.

Enquire today to improve productivity, streamline complex operations, and gain a competitive edge in today's fast-paced environment.

18 May 2023 12:17