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A world first in virtual tracking for team building

Develop your team's tracker mindset in a world first: The Tracking Success Virtual Adventure.
A world first in virtual tracking for team building

Tracking and finding wildlife is not just an ancient African craft. Hunting and gathering was humanity’s first and most successful strategy and can be used as an essential blueprint for success in our modern-day ecosystem of work and life.

We no longer track wild animals on a daily basis, but we do track what is important to us. In our organisations we track customers, growth, profit, sales, expenses. In fact, knowing what to track, who to track with and how to get back on track, represents the most important decisions of our lives.

Through the beautiful Tracking Success Virtual Adventure, you will join world renowned wildlife trackers Alex van den Heever and Renias Mhlongo as they track together through the wildest parts of Southern Africa’s Greater Kruger National Park.

“We now invite you to become a part of the story. To become a tracker, you will have the opportunity to make decisions and you then experience a facilitated conversation of the outcome of your decisions. This unique journey documents the daily activities of an expert wildlife tracking team, tasked with preserving Africa’s most precious wildlife,” said Van den Heever.

Tracking Success blends adventure, experiential learning and powerful content to deliver an immersive and unforgettable virtual experience.

“Trackers have a certain way of dealing with the unknown. Their approach is both rational and creative. It’s great fun with a serious purpose. We have taken the most exciting and memorable moments from our tracking journey and combined them into a single story,” said Van den Heever.

If your team is looking for something new in 2022, this one of a kind experience will help employees and leaders perform better in their rapidly evolving ecosystem of work.

15 Nov 2021 07:25