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Tenacity launches its Digital Newsroom Management services

Digital Newsroom Management is arguably one of the most exciting and impactful disciplines in modern PR that TenacityPR had been invested in for the past decade. Since 2021 and 2022 a TenacityPR managed newsroom on Bizcommunity was selected in the top 3 overall listing and the only ad agency in the top 3.
Tenacity launches its Digital Newsroom Management services

This is because newsrooms are as diverse as the many outlets that offer them and the businesses who use them. Big names such as the NY Times and Forbes, as well as a myriad of other small to medium industry publications, like our very own Bizcommunity, offer their digital platforms towards this end. Navigating such a complex landscape requires finesse, a deep understanding of PR, and careful brand alignment.

Professional Digital Newsroom Management is critical for brands because newsrooms cannot be approached in the same manner as social media and other digital media. Newsrooms are by their nature predominantly B2B communication platforms that often serve as the first port of call for journalists seeking information about a company or current topics. This demands competent management to ensure that communications are at all times aligned with the brands communication guidelines.

Digital newsrooms represent an exciting development in the world of communications, offering new possibilities for storytelling, audience engagement, and familiarising your target market with the brand ID.

19 Apr 2023 09:30