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Sustainable solutions: How LG's product innovation is driving positive change

The topic of sustainability has been doing the rounds for quite some time now. And with a heightened focus on climate change and environmental protection, more businesses are looking for ways to utilise their resources more efficiently while delivering high-quality, eco-friendly products and services. In the same breath, individuals are making more conscious decisions regarding the brands they invest in, turning their attention (and wallets) to those that align with a bigger purpose than simply making profits.
Sustainable solutions: How LG's product innovation is driving positive change

For many, this transformation of doing business more sustainably has only just begun. However, major brands have long been working on their sustainability strategy and adapting their operations and offerings accordingly. One such company is LG.

Sustainability starts with energy saving

One of the first things you will notice about LG’s product range – be it home appliances or home entertainment – is that they have all been designed with sustainability in mind and often include energy-saving technology. By reducing the electricity usage of households and businesses, these products make it easy for everyday consumers to live more sustainably, reduce their eco-footprint, and conserve energy. Consumers that invest in LG products are investing in a greener future without having to lift a finger.

To take energy-saving a step further, the electronics company has started releasing solar-powered kitchen appliances, including fridges.

Moving towards a greener future, today

For years, sustainable product solutions have been at the core of LG's business. So much so that the company recently launched its Zero Carbon 2030 initiative, committing to achieving net-zero carbon emissions from its global operations. More so, LG has pledged to use 100% renewable energy by 2050.

How does LG plan to achieve these ambitious goals? Some of the company's plans include expanding its high-efficiency facilities and technologies to target greenhouse gas reduction and renewable energy installations using solar energy products. But the star of the show is innovating through cutting-edge technology to create a better, healthier living environment for all.

Consider LG's range of air conditioners. In addition to featuring Smart Inverter technology for faster heating and cooling without excessive energy costs, they also have an air filtration system that removes impurities from the air to keep it germ-free and safe to breathe in. And the brand's washing machines with the same technology allow consumers to do a load of laundry using just 67Wh (the equivalent of blow-drying your hair for four minutes). These machines also adjust the water level based on the load, helping consumers to conserve a precious resource in a water-scarce country.

Most of LG's home appliances boast Smart Inverter technology to expertly manage heating and cooling while reducing energy consumption and, in turn, carbon emissions. This includes fridges and freezers, washing machines, dishwashers, air conditioners, and even microwaves.

Sustainability is not a luxury, it's a necessity

For many South Africans, sustainability may seem like a luxury; however, LG is actively pursuing activities that promote the harmony of society and business. The company aims to empower local communities by giving them access to LG's technology through its Technology That Cares programme.

With this programme, businesses and individuals can share market-leading technology with communities that would otherwise have been left in the dark. Not only does this give community members access to state-of-the-art devices, but it also equips them with the necessary tools to thrive in a hyperconnected and ever-evolving world.

In a world where things are constantly changing, fighting for positive change is necessary, although it's often easier said than done. It's up to global leaders and businesses to become these much-needed agents of change to help ensure that we can lead more eco-friendly lives and protect our planet for future generations to come.

25 Aug 2021 13:36